May has been Baltimore’s deadliest month since 1999.

While Americans were enjoying their Memorial Day weekend, a wave of shootings and murders in Baltimore set a record for the city’s deadliest month in 15 years. Local CBS station WJZ reports 29 people were shot and nine died in one of the bloodiest weekends in recent memory. Police typically blame gangs, but one expert says that might not be the sole cause.

In 1996, Johnson Aziga, was diagnosed with HIV. Regardless of this, he had unprotected sex with eleven women. As a result, two women died from the disease and several others were tested HIV positive. Aziga was found guilty of two counts of first degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Nobody is born to hate, kill, or terrorize. People are mentally trained to feel and act this way, which is why education is the best way to mitigate the problem. A proper education isn’t just a degree from University. The word education encompasses a lot more than just going to school! Education is what you are taught, it’s about how a child is nurtured and cared for, it’s about what an individual experiences over the course of life, it’s about everything that we learn through our experiences and interactions with other people. Going to university and getting a degree is only a fraction of what encompasses education. Education is much more extensive than that!

Having a messy room, your door closed at night, and a flashlight and knife in grabbing range from your bed is a good idea because if a murderer comes in your room at night then you’ll first hear them opening the door, then trying to get through the mess and then you can just turn on the flashlight, see them, and then stab them yourself and say it was self defense. Which it was. So you can’t be charged for anything.


Glascow, Kentucky - The body of missing 2 year old, Laynee Wallace, has been found. The child’s body was found inside of a well in Western Kentucky.

Little Laynee went missing along with her mother’s boyfriend, Anthony Barbour, 25. Laynee, along with her mom and Anthony lived in the same home. The child’s body was found in a well on property that belongs to Anthony’s mother.

On Monday (5/25) Anthony showed up at a strangers house without Laynee. Anthony ended up being arrested on the same day during a traffic stop. According to police, Anthony had spent Sunday night (5/24) in the hospital and had been released Monday morning around 10 am. It is unclear why he was admitted. Anthony and Laynee went missing on May 17th.

Police have declined to release any other information at this time. An autopsy will be conducted on Laynee to determine cause of death. 

To make things worse, Laynee has a twin sister. Family says that Laynee and her twin have never been apart from each other, until now. 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Man accused of killing his wife last summer has entered a guilty plea to 3rd degree murder charges. He will get up to 40 years in prison.

Christopher Murray broke down in court and apologized to his family, especially his teenage daughters.

Investigators say that Connie Murray, 46, had been out for a walk when she was confronted by her husband. The confrontation was due to some text messages that Christopher had received from a female friend.

During the confrontation, Christopher strangled his wife and dumped her body in the woods. This was in August, 2014. Christopher called police and reported his wife missing. 

Everyone knows that when a husband or wife go missing, police ALWAYS look at the spouse first. Apparently, Christopher has never watched Law and Order. He failed a lie detector test and eventually broke down and confessed. 

Police say they were able to obtain video that showed Christopher pulling his car up to Connie as she was walking down the road. Connie approached the car, leaned her head in the window to say something, then she walked away. 

Christopher drove off after Connie walked away from him. They then met up by two park benches to discuss the text messages. That is where the murder occurred and Connie’s body was left there. She was found the next morning.

The cameras may be gone, but Baltimore is still in turmoil 

As the cameras leave and the media turns its focus elsewhere, problems in Maryland’s largest city continue to fester. On Sunday alone, 10 people were shot, and the total number of fatal shootings is 87 for the year already, according to the Baltimore Sun. By this point in 2014, that number was 65. These numbers shine a light on a much bigger problem.