"tw: ableist slurs, racism, rape

this man below is the manager of the haunted attraction pennhurst. do not support this business. not only is this man an ableist racist piece of shit, but when i worked there and overheard repeated rape jokes and went to management to report them (as i am a victim of rape they give me extreme anxiety), he told me “we’re going to have things like rape and sexual assault joked about. if you expect me to start filtering people, you’re crazy. and if you have a problem with that you can clock out and leave.” i did not know just how horrible of a person he was until today and am so glad that i quit when i did.”

These are the words of my friend Arianna Banks, this guy is literally a fucking dirtbag piece of shit he’s a fucking ableist, racist, rape joking-making asshole

Don’t fucking support this business, this fucking shithead is trying to take “legal action”  against Arianna for SCREENCAPPING A FUCKING PUBLIC POST and exposing him for his bigotry. In wake of Ferguson these posts are fucking despicable and I hope you guys will help us at LEAST give this guy a run for his money. 

Fucking have at it.

This website always preach about ableism and mental health. But the minute someone doesn’t want to post stuff supporting Ferguson they are demonized for it.

I have indeed encountered three people who either went to their breaking point or suicidal because of this.

Many of you need to back off.

There’s literally a post that outright uses the phrase “ignoring triggers” fucking shit has this entire website just forgotten how mental illness works and decided that mentally ill people can magically be cured by something bad happening in the world

Newsflash: Mental illness that keeps you from being able to participate in activism is 100% real and “I’m mentally ill and I can handle this!” and “if it bothers you so much just get offline!” is the EXACT SAME rhetoric mentally ill folk are literally

A l w a y s

Being told

And sorry, but this is no different. This trigger is no different. Mental illness does not step aside when bad things are happening in the world. Mental illness does not “make an exception” for current events. Mentally ill folk should not be being told that their inability to safely “ignore” their triggers is something to be ashamed of

it really is a huge fucking shame that this site has decided the only way to fight racism is to spit in the faces of mentally ill people and somehow forget every single ounce of support they have ever given us by telling us to be magically cured lmao

Only support mentally ill people when they can magically stop being mentally ill when it’s convenient I guess!! :)

This happened half an hour from the town where my parents live and where I live when I’m not at uni. I’ve been the place where it happened.

I don’t know what to say. I’m so scared and upset by this. This is virtually on my front door step. Luton is covered by the Bedfordshire Police Constabulary, the same constabulary that is responsible for policing my home. It’s fucking scary.

Okay, since I keep seeing this in the tags, I feel like it needs to said,

When people say “I’m so OCD!” over their organizing habits or quirks or take “How OCD Are You?” quizzes, they are not “self-diagnosing.” OCD has been so trivialized in our culture that “OCD” is stripped of it’s status as an acronym for a mental illness and is used as just another word for finicky or organized. People using the term OCD in this way are not even recognizing that OCD is a mental illness at all, much less diagnosing themselves.

The phenomena you are wanting to complain about are Ableism and Trivialization, NOT self-diagnosis. Self-diagnosis is when someone actually suspects they may have a condition, and begins asking questions and doing research to see if this is the case, and they either do not have access to a doctor, have not gotten to the “talk to your doctor” step in trying to diagnose themselves, or do not wish to see a doctor for whatever reason (past trauma perhaps, or their own mental illness is getting in the way—like an obsession centering around doctors). Complaining about “self-diagnosers” only hurts other mentally ill people who may not have access to the resources you have.

Stop perpetuating ableism in your activism 2k14-15

stop stepping on other marginalized people while advocating for your own 

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why dont you like her? i legit want to know because ive never liked her either but i cant pinpoint it either

i was listening to the director’s commentary and miles described her as “legally blonde but insane”. other characters call her a psychopath and it’s kind of like “oh she’s crazy” but it’s played off as a joke. like she’s not an actually mentally ill character treated with respect but she’s supposed to be a WACKY ZANY CRAZY LADY HAHA

like right before that miles was talking about how he wanted to go more into wash’s mental illnesses and ptsd from what happened with epsilon but then he turns and is like “lol emily is insane.” it would be different if she was an actually mentally ill character and it was actually part of her character and development and not treated like a joke

and i’m not just like “omg she’s annoying” bc if she was just a peppy girl who was good at a ton of shit i would love her with all my heart and i do, i just hate how the writers treat her. you know how the fandom has a much better interpretation of donut and sister? #saveEmilygrey2k14 


In the midst of what’s happening in Ferguson, don’t forget that it’s not just black men who suffer disproportionately from police brutality. This is also true of black women, especially black trans women. This is also true of queer black men and women, and disabled black men and women, and any intersection of the above. This is not just something that (nondisabled, cis, straight) black men experience, it’s something that affects black people as a whole (although the “motivations” may vary based on gender, sexuality, ability, etc.).

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I just need a place to vent. I went to Disneyland on Sunday and I had to be in a wheelchair. I only needed to use the restroom twice throughout the day (I'm trans so I do whatever I can to avoid public restrooms) but the second time I had to sit in the restroom for a good ten minutes for the handicap stall to open - and when it did, an apparently able-bodied young man came out. No kid with him, no reason to be using that particular stall - especially not for that long. It was so annoying.

Sky says:


I totally understand you. But keep in mind that some disabilities are invisible and it was maybe the only option for him. I do not personnally use any mobility devices but I have to use the handicap stall otherwise I can’t get up. But if he really was abled bodied, then it was wrong for him to use it and I totally understand your frustration.

if you are severely mentally ill or neurodivergent and cannot handle posting or reading about ferguson because it gives you anxiety or other triggering things, that’s okay


if you are neurotypical and privileged and you choose not to read or post about ferguson, that is being complacent and perpetuating oppression and that is NOT OKAY.