So I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it must rain an awful lot in Cardiff.  Probably right aren’t I?

Of course there would be a secret door.  And for some top secret organization they seem to be pretty carefree about letting a police officer into their secret base.

Oh hai…welcome to our secret base.  Have some cake.

Wait…are we now in Pushing Daisies?  They brought him back to life with two minutes to talk.  Do we get pie?


Now after a crazy night where a dead body comes back to life, some odd covert group investigating a murder and getting caught peeking….we get domestic bliss!

I think this is trying to show us that Gwen has a normal everyday life so we can contrast her new exciting life with her old boring yet stable life.

Burn Gorman is in this!!  Eff yea!!!  That makes me exceedingly happy.

Why do the CSI guys in England wear Hazmat suits.  Definitely not like the North American variety.  There isn’t even a pair of sunglasses!


Yes he’s my favourite non-Doctor male character (besides Rory).  I hope we get lots of Captain Jack fan service.

Everything Changes - Torchwood Season 1 Episode 1

Right on!  Time to start this!  Bring on the sex tentacles!!

Or not…

I honestly don’t know.  All I know is that it is more… 


I’m watching this from my Blurays so I won’t be able to post screenshots like I usually do.  I’ll take a look around and see if I can find a screen grab site.

And one last thing…if you won’t want to see me blathering about Torchwood for the next few weeks feel free to blacklist Torchwood and New to Two.  Those will be my tags.  

Guess Rome chick here didn’t know about Captain Jack’s party trick.  Pretty sure that’s going to leave a mess on the plaza.

I wonder how many people Jack has buried.  How long has he been there? Patience.  Must have patience.

But watching this has me thinking that we need Captain Jack back in Doctor Who.  Him and Capaldi?  Yea that would be awesome.  I needs this.

Everything Changes - Final Thoughts
This wasn’t that bad as a first episode goes.  We have Gwen joining the Torchwood team and I’m so happy to have more Captain Jack. Pilot episodes are tricky because 95% is setup.  Normal police officer sees something odd follows mysterious guy and joins team.  It’s a pretty standard plot for pilot episode for any sort of cop/paranormal/x-files thing goes.  Hopefully the show distinguishes itself later on.  If it follows standard plot formula the next episode should be a fish out of water scenario to show character traits.  Let’s see if I’m right.

I wonder how Jack got back to Earth.  Since the last time we saw him he was hanging out in the year 200,100 on the Gamestation.  How exactly does one get from there to Earth?  I’m going to guess that it gets explained eventually.

I think Jack might want to reconsider his alien tech policy there.  Looks like everything is getting checked out without proper documentation.

I guess Jack is going to go all Men in Black on Gwen here with the forgetting thing.  That’s kind of a douche move, Jack.