Holland: There’s some questions I think people are asking, and the answer to them is - You’re going to hate this, you’re going to have to tune in for season 5 to see if we’re all coming back or not. And that’s just the reality.
What’s going on with Derek now?
Holland: Derek? He walked off into the sunset! And he could easily wake up the next morning and go get Starbucks in 5x01. Or you know, Lydia could magically have joined Jackson in London! We don’t know! Dylan might be - Stiles might be - What would Stiles even be doing? Running the world probably. Yeah it’s sort of a toss up of who’s not coming back for season 5. But somebody is not coming back. I think that’s - I don’t know if that’s safe to say! Maybe we are?! I don’t know! I can’t say anything!
—  Holland Roden Reveals ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 Death Spoiler (x)

Lydia Martin went after a berserker with a baseball bat to save her friends. Yes you heard that correctly. Lydia Martin has spent this entire season trying to save her friends. Her screen time was short and it sucked but within those 10 minutes she got, she used them. Holland used them. Lydia developed. Her courage developed even more. She is so fucking important and you can never say other wise.

No, but like, what if when Jackson was looking for his first master as the kanima, instead of that psycho shit he got, he ends up with a five-year-old kid. And the kid’s biggest issues are things like: “Becky pushed me down at school today.” or “My Teacher, Mr. Stevens, was mean to me and I got put in time-out”

(Of course, Jackson doesn’t kill the people who upsets this kid, he’ll just go and scratch on stupid Becky’s window one night to scare her, and then go egg the teacher’s house or something)

And I just keep picturing this little girl wearing a frilly princess dress who just so happens to think reptiles are cool, and Jackson is like her new best friend.