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After half an hour on oxygen, it was time to give Jasmine subcutaneous fluids. I’m a trained EMT with Phlebotomy and IV courses under my belt, so it wasn’t too terribly different from what I’m used to with people. To give a cat sub-q fluids (0.9% saline in this case), you first warm the fluid bag in a bowl of warm water so it’s not too much of a shock to poor kitty. Then, take a fat pinch of the skin at the shoulder blades, poke the needle in with the bevel up, and release the pinch. Make sure the needle didn’t poke out the other side or slip out. Slowly inject the liquid (no more than 50 cc at a time). It’s normal for them to leak some fluid from the puncture site for a little while. This plus the O2 should have my girl feeling better soon.

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I feel you, Im terrified of needles and my doctors think its funny and poke fun at it and it upsets me so much.

Oh no! I mean like, at least this one understood enough that she had me lie down rather than sit in the chair, because otherwise I guarantee I would have fainted. Last time I got injections in her office I had a dizzy spell and then threw up, and today my mom was sitting right there vouching for me, saying “No, she’s really terrified of needles.”

ugh but like. 


I am sorry your doctors are assholes.

so i have to get about 8 jabs/vaccinations/inoculations before i go to Thailand and i just had my first two and the injection itself was fine like it hurt a tiny bit but now it feels like one arm weighs significantly more than the other and it feels weird to move it about i just hope it stops doing that for work later, for when i actually have to like, use it.

also it’s good i don’t have a fear of needles because i’d be FUCKED right now.

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does doing the shots get easier over time or are you still like "fuck i hate this i don't want to inject myself"? i'm gonna start transitioning soon i think and i HATE needles so i wanted to know if it gets easier???

tbh it really varies between shots? there have been a few times where it just hurt like the dickens but that was usually my own fault for tensing my leg or not pushing the needle through with a swift motion and instead hesitating, etc. 

in general it shouldn’t and doesn’t hurt though. i mean, yes, it’s a needle, but you are putting it through a very fat area of your body so at most it should sting for a second or two. i try to practice the z track injection because it helps with not having the testosterone leak out after you withdraw the needle and also makes it less likely you’ll get a bruise, swelling, etc. you can check out how to do it here. it’s my understanding that most healthcare professionals use this injection technique for intramuscular injections so if you’re going to have a nurse do the shots for you then there’s no need to worry yourself with that. 

i also really recommend taking a hot shower or a bath before you do your shot. someone on tumblr recommended this to me maybe six or seven months ago and it really does help because your skin gets a lot softer and you are usually feeling relaxed so it’s easier to do the shot. 

on the whole it does get easier though because you’ve gotten used to it and there’s something nice about the whole routine of it.

anyways, i wish you luck in your transition, anon! 

Oh man i havent slept this bad in a while. Lol i had to go down stairs to put my cane in my car for class tomorrow because i didnt want my mother to see it in the morning and educate me about how it’s “not that bad” and “do you really need that thing?”

Then i had to walk upstairs and oh ho ho let me tell u a thing or two about walking upstairs with an elephant leg.

I was really lucky enough to have 3 cortisone shots in the last year anda half. But now i cant cause it’s too early to have it injected into me. So i have naproxen which helps a lil bit. My dr said when it flares up again he’s going to put me on methotrexate.

Ive never taken it but my sister has arthritis too and she says it helps. So ill ask her about it and see if i wana do that or just the nap. and use the cane.

Side effects dont really bug me that much (knock on wood) and im not really afraid of new medication bc i take a lot already. So i guess ill just see how things go.

Hopefully i can defuse this soon

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I prefer masks?? Idk whenever I have a general anesthetic i always have masks instead of injections because i just find it easier to cope with?? I hate the nose tubes so much :’)

omg I’m actually really easygoing about injections, I used to have to get shots twice a week for allergies, so yeah, it’s kind of not a big deal at all to me.

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I got my first depo shot in march I've had no symptoms until last week my breast started getting tender and sensitive is that normal

I’m not personally on Depo shot but this is a handy little guide. Everywhere that I’ve read about it says that breast tenderness is normal(it even says it in that link). And the place I linked you to gave a list of more serious symptoms that you should be weary of


lushplant said: aww i’m proud of you hun !!! i had my jabs last year and them had another one yesterday, they suck but you just have to remember how quickly they’re over !!!

thankyou!! it was better than last time because i moved out of thee way and it had to go in twice eep. its the last one until year 10 which is nice 

i’m so weird like

I am really squeamish around blood and neeDLES ESPECIALLY except one time I stepped on a sewing pin and it got stuck in my foot and like my general system of bodily operations freaked out and my foot swelled and i couldn’t walk on it for like a week because I hate hospitals and just refused to go get it sorted out

anyway my foot chilled out after a while and a few days later the pin came out of the other side of my foot, it just popped out and I was so completely relaxed about this like oh huh theres a pin coming out of my foot better pull that out of there 

so if I am fine having a pin travel through my foot then why can’t i go to the doctors for an injection that will one day possibly save my life?????/???????/??