Allydia AU - 

Lydia is a siren, the watery ghost of a girl lost to the depths long ago. Her screams are almost songs, ringing through the rivers and lakes of the land.

Allison is a rogue knight. Her only possessions are a pale white bow and a quiver full of silver arrows. She has been running for a very long time.

They meet on black sand shores and fall deeply in love.


Text AU: Derek texts you telling you that he needs you right now, you worry about him, but all he wanted was to cuddle

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anon: Can you do a Derek fake text where he want you to come home because he wants you to cuddle?

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Imagine your LGBTQ+ couple have had problems with discrimination in the past. To avoid this happening to others like them, they pour all of their savings into opening a camp/boarding school that will be a haven for LGBTQ+ young people, under the guise of a place parents can send their children to for ‘straightening out’. Your OTP pose as a regular cis-gendered heterosexual couple when meeting parents, and when creating the pamphlets and website have the children act as miserable as possible, making it seem like a place where the children will be made to be as the parents want them to.

Their venture ends up a huge success for which all the attendees are grateful.

Dan works at a pre-school for an part time job he has always loved it their dan loves to    take care of kids he wasn't akward around them and didn't need to impress them.
Phil is new in town fresh of the boat from england (yea its in the bloddy us deal with it)    his parents wanted to start a new life so he went with them.

Extra tags: kids,  work 

warnings:profainty, underage drinking 

Massive Veronica Mars Season 1 AU Idea: The Things You Can't Escape

Ok, here it is: The Big One. I’ve been writing this in my head for YEARS and oh man do I hope some talented writer somewhere will pick it up. Maybe we could do a collab fic? There are very few things I wouldn’t do to actually get to read this story.

I have a fairly ridiculous number of ideas, so fair warning: I’m gonna be reblogging the crap out of myself as I continue to add to this original post. 

I hope you enjoy it!


Veronica’s rapist isn’t done toying with her. He’s been sending her gifts–sweet little reminders of their time together–and she’s going to use them to find him. But the torment takes its toll on her, and her cool mask isn’t enough to hide the signs from someone who knows her as well as Logan.

He knows something is up. He tells himself its morbid curiosity. A desire to gather more ammunition against the girl who betrayed him. His barbs seem to have been sailing right past lately, but something’s obviously getting to her. He makes it his mission to find out what it is. He’s seeing more and more red flags though, and something tells him this is much bigger than he expected.

Changes some canon back-story. Dick, Luke, and Casey were all a part of the fab four’s larger social group, and all had a soft spot for Veronica. After the school turned on her, they stuck by her side. They stayed friends with Logan because they knew he was hurting, but stuck up for Veronica and called him out on his bullshit. In the short time between Lily’s murder and Shelly’s party, she was grateful. But after the rape she pushed them away, not trusting anyone and wanting to survive on her own. She drew her line in the sand.

They, along with Logan and Duncan, skipped Shelly’s party. The rapist and Lily’s killer may or may not be changed from canon.

It’s a definite slow build, both with the mystery and the LoVe relationship. It takes Logan a long time to piece together what’s going on, and in that time his long-buried concern for Veronica begins to reemerge.


This was basically born out of my unhappiness with how the rape storyline was handled. Not only was it problematic with the whole “don’t worry, it wasn’t rape!” thing, it also never felt genuine to me that Veronica would ever actually say the words “someone drugged and raped me,” even if she was trying to figure out who it was. I think that secret would’ve had to have been dragged out of her another way. So here we are!

I’ll reblog with a sample beginning and ideas for specific scenes. I really hope you guys enjoy! Again, anyone who finds inspiration is welcome to use this as a prompt. Just shoot me a message when you have something written! And I’d totally be interested in doing a collab fic. Let me know what you think!

Love you guys! Xox


Parrish loves working with Sheriff Stilinski. He’s an amazing mentor, a great man, and Parrish trusts him with his life (and has tested that trust on more than one occasion). But there are still some things he knows he shouldn’t share.

Like the fact that the Sheriff’s teenage son is currently developing strong feelings for the brooding, “wanted for murder on multiple occasions” werewolf six years his senior. Like the fact that they’re going to get together officially within the next six months, are going to get married (“mated, Stiles”) four years after that, and have a son (biologically Stiles’) who will want nothing more than to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps in the police department.

…Like the fact that time travel is absolutely real, and Parrish Stilinski-Hale might have made use of it for the opportunity to learn from his grandfather in the days before the heart attack claimed him.

There are some things the Sheriff really doesn’t need to know.

Parrish Stilinski-Hale drabbles
“back to the future”
memories - fifteen


Teen Wolf AU → SCREAM


A peaceful town in California turns into a bloodbath when a masked killer begins to haunt Beacon Hills. Lydia Martin, a young teenage girl, whose mother was killed a year before, becomes the target of the masked killer. Her boyfriend Stiles Stilinski becomes the main suspect. Local Tabloid News Reporter Allison Argent and Beacon Hills’ Deputy Scott McCall investigate and try to figure out who the killer is and if it’s the same person who killed Lydia’s mom the year before!


Teen Wolf AU → Lydia is the show’s main character
Teen Banshee: The show’s central character is Lydia Martin (Holland Roden), a high school student who finds herself drawn to death. Lydia attempts to maintain a normal life, keeping the fact of her being a banshee secret from everyone, with the exception of her best friend Allison Argent (Crystal Reed), who helps her through the changes in her life.