I’ve said this quite a bit throughout my first years in clinical psych. Grad school teaches you a lot…but you must remember/remind yourself of this on your own. I appreciate someone else saying this.

Please remember what you say when you discuss mental illness, addiction, etc. In short: don’t be an insensitive asshole/tell others how to cope.

Don’t make the mental illness stigma even worse. You are better than that. Nothing is black & white when it comes to mental illness either…don’t try & make it out to be because you yourself cannot imagine wanting to die.


You don’t bury things dead, you bury things alive.

My professor on Why it’s amazing when people stay sober

A lot of the times people take drugs to feel better/avoid past or current situations. When people are on drugs/drinking  they do things they wouldn’t normally do if they were sober…All of those decisions that they might not be proud of (prostituting themselves, selling drugs to people, stealing, etc) comes back in full force when they become sober. It’s hard to stay sober because all of the stuff they were trying to avoid by taking drugs comes back in a rush… now that person has to sit with all of the decisions that they have made. All of the things that they were trying to bury comes back to haunt them.

for some people, seeking professional help isn't an option

therapists want your money and you to think you need them so you keep coming back to give them money

psychologists will just slap a label on you to convince you that you’re broken and that only they can fix you

psychiatrists just want to turn you into an addict so they can keep their paycheck from your prescriptions

this is the thought process of a person that distrusts mental health professionals

this is unlikely to change no matter how much you protest or show them

so instead of pressuring them to talk to someone that they are uncomfortable with, try talking to them. clearly they’re comfortable with you.


I made it for all those people out there who are having a hard time and who maybe need that little bit of help. Obviously you can still message me as a way of help too but I wanted to give those little alternatives as ways of physical distraction (as, obviously I am not sat at the side of you)! Anyone can try them! Everything that needs to be mentioned is written in the post…