T.V. Show Review: American Horror Story: Asylum

Season two of three, this was my favourite. 




Dark, scary, enthralling and set in the 1960’s in a church-run asylum for the insane. Here, in the darkness of Briarcliff Mental Institution, nuns are as far from God as it gets. The staff’s pasts (and presents..) range from possessed, murderers and ex-nazis. Despite all the religious memorabilia, Briarcliff is a godless place. 

Kit Walker, accused of murdering three women (including his wife) and skinning them, is sent to Briarcliff where he awaits trial. They call him “bloody face”, because it is said that he wears the mask of someone else’s face on his own. Also trapped within the walls of this institution is Lana Winters, a lesbian reporter who was admitted by Sister Jude, head nun, because of her persistent nosiness and her affinity for women. 

Lana manages to escape, unknowingly in the arms of the true bloody face. She is sent back to Briarcliff after enduring torture of all kinds. Now pregnant with the son of bloody face, Lana desperately grasps at straws. She is released, but cannot go through with an abortion and she gives birth to the child. Sister Jude slowly goes crazy because of the persistent evidence that shows up on her desk. Years earlier, Judy ran over a little girl while drunk driving. This guilt catches up with her and she herself is admitted to Briarcliff. 

I give this T.V. show a 10 / 10. This is by far my favourite series ever. Great camera shots, invigorating story lines and realistic characters makes this show an amazing one to watch. Although my parents found it to be too dark and nightmare-inducing, I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys gory movies or murder-mysteries. 

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#TVShowReview  So I decided to check out a new +NBC TV show called #Believe  to see what I thought about it. If you can get past a 10 year old hard headed little girl who is brilliant and a genius, then I think you will enjoy the show. Yes she frustrates me at times however, her disobedience has a purpose and always gets her & the man keeping her safe, in trouble. What do you think of this show?  #TVShows   #TVSeries


TV show review: Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere: "Seed"


By Isiah R.


Ah yes, the Walking Dead. Adapted from one of the most popular graphic novels of all time, the show has gone on to achieve its own success. A lot of people have complained about the show. Some hate it for straying too far from the original source material. Some hate it for being too slow. Some hate it for not having enough zombies. Some hate it for being too dramatic. The reasons go on and on. A large part of that hate though is directed to season 2, where most of the complaints listed above apply.

Honestly, season 2 wasn’t that bad. It was slow but it did its job. Besides, there are worse…WORSE TV shows out there (coughTerraNovacough). Now I’m not trying to defend season 2 from all the complaints. I admit, it didn’t deliver as well as many would’ve thought. But I’d be lying if I said season 3 didn’t deliver.

“Seed” was a great way to start this season. Brutal action, conversations didn’t feel pointless, and a nice twist at the end to keep you wanting more. But what stands out is how much the show has improved since the last season. People that you hated are now starting to become likable, Carl being the biggest improvement, there is a lot more zombie killing, and there wasn’t that much filler. Even the parts with Michonne and Andrea, despite being short, contributed to the story.

Basically, in one episode, they redeemed all of season 2 and restored people’s faith in the show. Gone is the old ways of slow and dragging storytelling. With this episode, it’s obvious they’re going for a different, more fast-paced approach to season 3, similar to season 1. This is actually good, seeing as how they need to be quick if they want to get through 6 volumes in 2 seasons.

Now, does “Seed” have its cons? Of course, everything has cons. Like I said, the parts with Michonne and Andrea were pretty short and a good chunk of it was on an already released clip. Also, there may have been too much action. By the time you reach the portion where the group is scouring the hallways, it actually isn’t as intense since the episode doesn’t give you enough time to breathe. Unless you’re Christopher Nolan who has the ability to keep you in constant suspense, you need to allow your audience to breathe so that when another intense scene starts, the audience is rested enough to enjoy it thoroughly.

 Aside from Michonne and Andrea, how did the rest of the cast fare? There were other moments of character interaction but they were minimal. The Governor doesn’t appear at all. There was at least one Daryl and Carol scene and a cute Beth and Carl scene. Maggie and Glenn had their moments and we also get glimpses of Rick and Lori’s crumbling marriage. Nothing too big but then again, this is the first episode. Still, it would’ve been nice to get a few more of these moments. The episode felt unbalanced with the action and story, as there was more emphasis on the action. Then again, complaining about action is like complaining about candy. Are you really going to dislike it if you get more? 

But these are minor flaws to an amazing season premiere. As an avid reader of the comics, even though it’s different, that doesn’t mean it’s bad. In fact, I enjoy how different it is from the source materials. I feel like I’m reading Volume 3 all over again, like someone wiped my memory clean.

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 

P.S.: If Hershel dies, we riot