Passing on a message from our friends at the NY State Anti-Trafficking Coalition:

Click through and learn more about their bill & its progress in the NY legislature!  

Help The New York State Anti-Trafficking Coalition stop the selling of women and girls! Traffickers cause irreparable harm to the most vulnerable in our community.  We must act today to help end this horrible crime.

There are two weeks left in the fight to pass the Trafficking Victims Protection and Justice Act and the legislature wants to cut critical provisions from the bill. WE NEED YOUR HELP. Please click this link to send a letter to your representatives!

Fighting Human Trafficking in New York State

Fighting Human Trafficking in New York State by Amy Paulin.

By Amy Paulin

Born and raised in New York City, Brianna was nine when she was kidnapped and raped by her school janitor and sold to a pimp. Bounced from trafficker to trafficker, she was sold for sex to men who knew her age. When she was not servicing men, she was locked in a closet in a house without electricity or running water. Brianna is a victim of human trafficking.

Human trafficking is a…

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In a positive step for 16 and17 year-old sex trafficking victims, on 22 June, the New York State legislature passed a bill extending its Safe Harbor Law to cover all prostituted individuals under the age of eighteen (previously only victims aged 15 and under were covered). Now, 16 and 17 year-old victims who are arrested for prostitution will be classified as trafficking victims, thereby allowing them to access treatment services rather than jail time. Their criminal records will also be sealed so as not to penalize them further while they rebuild their lives. Equality Now congratulates Assemblywoman Amy Paulin and Senator Andrew Lanza for their incredible work in ensuring passage of this bill during this legislative session.

Unfortunately, due to political grandstanding in Albany, the TVPJA was not passed. However, we are optimistic that the bill will ultimately pass during New York’s next legislative term as there was significant support for it in both the Senate and Assembly. Over the next few months, Equality Now and our partners will strategize on a plan to secure passage of the TVPJA during the next legislative session. Thank you to our thousands of supporters for petitioning the New York legislature in support of this campaign, and we hope we can count on your continued support in 2014.

Having had a few years experience with these two laws … we’ve learned that there are some gaps and inconsistencies in the law that we need to address to improve our response.

New York law maker, explaining why she is sponsoring the Trafficking Victims Protection and Justice Act, a bill to better protect trafficking survivors and hold pimps and johns accountable.

This article describes a recent advocacy day supporting the TVPJA, and includes a video of a survivor’s testimony.

Join the next advocacy day! See here for details, and join the conference call today at 3 PM.

FYI - upcoming advocacy opportunity for New Yorkers

Passing on an invitation from the New York State Anti-Trafficking Coalition. Numerous NYC organizations working with survivors will send delegates, including Restore NYC, who especially invites InterVarsity members & friends to join it:

Andi, a sixteen-year-old runaway, was repeatedly sold by her trafficker on the street. Even though the Safe Harbor Act recognizes that prostituted children are trafficking victims, Andi was arrested, arraigned in criminal court and convicted of prostitution.

In its landmark anti-trafficking laws, New York State has taken the lead in recognizing that many women and children in prostitution are victims of human trafficking and holding accountable those who organize, promote, advance, support and patronize the trafficking industry.  Although a growing number of traffickers are being brought to justice, our State legislative anti-trafficking regime contains gaps, loopholes, and inconsistencies that must be remedied.

The Trafficking Victims Protection and Justice Act will strengthen New York State’s response to traffickers and protection of victims.

The New York State Anti-Trafficking Coalition would like to invite you to the lobby day for the Trafficking Victims Protection and Justice Act!

Tuesday May 15th, 10:30am – 3:30pm

The face-to-face meetings that happen during lobby days have tremendous impact. Personal stories, messages of support and real world explanations of what legislation means to voters and advocates is extremely powerful.

To RSVP please e-mail with your name, organization and contact information. 

To learn more about the lobby day, please call into our conference call on Thursday, May 10th from 3pm to 4pm.

Conference Dial-in Number: (712) 775-7000

Access Code: 722515#

If you want to learn more about the legislation, here is a terrific interview with Dorchen Leidholdt and Assemblywoman Amy Paulin on Capital Tonight with Liz Benjamin. Here is an article about the bill which includes a video of a survivor, Brianna, speaking about her trafficking experience.