XBox Delivers the Ultimate 'TVideo' Experience

The new XBox Live update has paved the way for Video on the TV. We at Looney Views call it TVideo.

XBox has delivered the ultimate TVideo experience. Video is no longer ‘online’ but on TV and seamlessly integrated with broadcast content and premium web series. Side-by-side. But the inclusion of social elements makes the experience more Video than TV.

TVideo is a premium Broadcast experience that maintains the 1:1, intimate feeling that only social video delivers. Here are a couple highlights from my recent hands-on experience:


I just watched original web series content on the SyFy app using XBox Live on my TV. I highly recommend The Mercury Men if you love Ari Fliescher cartoons and classic serials that inspired Indiana Jones and Star Wars. I’m a big The Rocketeer fan.

After viewing, I shared it on Facebook:

And if you click the link on Facebook you watch the same The Mercury Men episode in browser. Multi-platform viewing and sharing.


YouTube on XBox is a completely different experience than browser YouTube. The Xbox version is completely focused on channels and networks with consistent premium content with a consistent format. The 100 channels they invested in are going to match this Internet Television format.


  • Most Netflix viewers are watching from internet connected consoles like XBox, PS3, iTV’s, Roku boxes, etc. — not browsers
  • The XBOX 360 has become an entertainment console, not a gaming console - and the new design emphasizes video
  • YouTube stars are beginning to tell their audiences to watch their content on the bigger screen. Here is FreddieW’s latest end slate:

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