Powder to Repell an unwanted Lover

This banishment powder will send away an unwanted lover or suitor. Dust it on your body when going out or sprinkle it around your doorways and windows.

  • The rind of a orange, burnt and ground to ash
  • Black salt, ground to a powder
  • Dried rose petals, burnt to ash

To target a specific person:  Write their name on a slip of paper. Burn it to ash. Combine into the mixture.

Repeat as necessary.

Be prepared for an attack - witchcraft style

The problem with protections is that they are a lot tougher to make during an attack.

Imagine that you have just been attacked - you get a sudden headache, your body hurts, you feel dizzy and nauseated. What can you do immediately to stop it?

If it were me I’d say, grab your heavy-duty protective jewelry, close your shields, and break out the war water. But none of these things can be done unless they are prepped beforehand - imagine trying to create a powerful protection while you are being overwhelmed by nausea or a migraine.

Practice shielding

This is a skill that takes practice to acquire proficiency. Trying to shield yourself from a big attack may be entirely draining and leave you worse off than you were before.

When I feel some sneaky bastard taking a swing at me my first reaction is to ‘close’ my shields which immediately deflects a great deal of whatever is sent at me.

Create some personal protections

I love this cross protection.

If you have a holey stone, wear it as an amulet in its natural state or after you’ve further enchanted it.

Wear enchanted jewelry made out of hematite, black tourmaline, or obsidian. I do not believe these stones naturally protect unless they are charged and programmed at least to a small degree.

I find these protections are often too heavy-handed for regular use. However I find them invaluable when I need, well, heavy-duty protection.

Brew a few formulas to help out

A jar of war water takes some time to ‘brew’. When you feel an attack coming on, grab your war water and draw a protective symbol on your forehead or wherever you feel the attack coming in.

Let a protective herb steep in oil - I prefer rosemary for this purpose. You can use this oil to anoint yourself in addition to or instead of war water. You can also use it to dress an emergency protective candle to burn that will drive away any attacks.

Flying Devil Oil is the one oil you can make and use pretty much immediately without needing to let it sit. Shake your jar of oil and command the ‘devils’ to chase away any energy or entity that is harming you. If you are angry (as one tends to be when they are attacked), send the ‘devils’ back to your attacker and shake the jar to burn and torment whomever is attacking you until they stop.

Sort out your defensive spells right now

Have a spell or two on hand you can use to immediately defend yourself or return a hex to home. Here is one you can try out: Return to Sender.

Find extra spells you feel comfortable with and that you know you can cast. Keep them easily accessible in your room or online so you can cast them immediately when you need to.

Keep emergency supplies

Keep whatever you need to cast your defensive spells on hand. Reserve these supplies for emergencies and make sure you are never without them. For me that would mean a few candles, my formulas, string, and needles, amongst other things. 

Stay safe and kick ass ♥

Talismans are enjoyable

Exhale into a bottle when you have a fine breath of wonderment in your lungs and lore in your mind. Put it upon a shelf and let it rest. Let it linger.

Look at it often in hard times, remembering you once were on solid footing and breathed easy. You will find your path again.

Curse the bottle and leave it for an intrepid, young, foolish adventurer to find, open, and unleash the coiled energy. How fun!

To Make a Person Suffer

“To make a person suffer, take some henbane and peppercorn and boil them with the hair of the man or woman [etc.] and say:

I do not boil the hair alone
But all these things together thrown
With [his/her/their] heart and soul that [they/she/he]
May perish and forever be
Only in witches’ company.”

From Kathryn Paulsen’s Witches’ Potions and Spells