EyeCon Recap:

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This post is going to be EXTREMELY long, and is going to go in this order: tweets (in order of date, so Rob Pralgo’s Q&A first), pictures, videos.


General weekend:

  • Fun little tidbit: There are two new bedrooms built on the TVD set. Whose could they be? (x)
  • I love how every time Jessarae announces his next song, Steven shouts “YEAH!” (x)
  • AH! Steven R. McQueen just spoke French! (x)
  • A girl just passed out/hyperventilated after meeting @iansomerhalder (x)
  • Carina: “a lot of people want your baby, Ian.”Ian: “yeah, but this isn’t the fun part.” (x) [VB&G note: referring to the Ian doll that was auctioned off]
  • Little TVD spoiler: Damon is about to get MUCH more vocal about his feelings for Elena. Stefan won’t like this. There may be fist-fighting. (x)
  • One of my favorite moments from this weekend is when Ian grabbed my face, stares at me, and whispers, “Our eyes match.” LMFAO. What?! (x)
  • I bought a DVD for $44 at target, had the cast sign it, and it went for $2600 to @IS_Foundation. TVD fans are SO generous. Madness. (x)

Rob Pralgo Q&A: 

  • "Apparently I was a bad guy. One back hand and you get your neck snapped and set on fire." -Rob Pralgo! (x)
  • Rob Pralgo: “I stopped watching right when Tyler got in that car. Team Lockwood all the way. Dead or alive.” (x)
  • Rob Pralgo: “What was the name in the book? Smallwood? That’s even more insulting!” HAHAH I love this man! (x)

Paul Wesley Q&A:

  • Paul enjoys the Katherine and Stefan dynamic and likes to be “lustful and vicious.” (x)
  • Favorite off-screen moments: friendships & camaraderie with fellow cast. (x)
  • He wants Meryl Streep to play Mama Salvatore. BTW, he has no idea where Mama Salvatore is. He’s very curious. (x)
  • Paul Wesley: “I think mama Salvatore should be a MILF.” I LOVE THIS MAN! (x)
  • Paul at #TVDEyeCon: Meryl Streep for Mama Salvatore! ;) (x)
  • Fan: is it harder or easier to play Stefan as the show goes on? “I understand the character.” Thinks Season 3 will get more complex. (x)
  • Acting should never be easy says @paulwesley but he understands the character #TVDEyeCon (x)
  • Paul Wesley: “I think Stefan should explore his dark side, but he will never stop loving Elena.” (x)
  • On Elijah: Adores Daniel Gillies. ” He’s a bit like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator.” (x)
  • @paulwesley adores @mrholymonster (x)
  • On blood: they keep changing the formula of the blood. The cast members are guinea pigs. (x)
  • Paul is speaking French with a French fan. Crowd loves it. (x)
  • The first moment @paulwesley realized#TVD had such a huge impact was when French fans watched the show online before it aired (x)
  • Who he’d be if he wasn’t a Salvatore: Would love to play a werewolf. “it’s fang appropriate.” (x)
  • His favorite scary movie: The Shining.#redrum (x)
  • Paul joking about whether he’s Team Jacob or Edward: punched a hole in wall bc he couldn’t decide. (x)
  • On “the fuss”: people have been very respectful and he’s always flattered when people approach him about the show. (x)
  • OMG. @PirateVRO just asked Paul how he is such a good cryer. He says Ian stands off camera and pinches his leg. (x)
  • Crowd is AWWWing everytime Paul talks about Stefan & Elena. Very sweet. (x)
  • Paul says that his favorite scene to shoot for season one was when he made love with Elena. (x)
  • There’s not a lot if room for improv on the Vampire Diaries. The writing is instrumental and essential. (x)
  • Paul loves snowboarding in Ashen (x)
  • The actors and films that inspire him: Ingmar Bergman, Stanley Kubrick, Christopher Guest, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Gary Oldman. (x)
  • What dies he do for fun: Travel, film, grapple with team Jacob or Edward. Loves good restaurants and books. Good friends. (x)
  • Paul likes to go to good restaurants, read good books, and hang with good friends (x)
  • Paul used to eat from the grease trucks in college, a sub that had motz sticks, chicken wings, etc & grilled #heartattack (x)
  • I think Devon is asking a question: “who’s your favorite co-worker?” Would have to be @ErnestoRiley. Loves dynamic with Matt Davis, but Ian is like his brother (x & x)
  • Paul says it’s important not to forget the human element in playing supernatural beings, be it vampire, angel, werewolf. (x)

Ian Somerhalder Q&A:

  • Ian: irony of fans coming together for good things despite him playing a character that massacres people on a weekly basis. (x)
  • Fan asks if Ian could have someone else play Damon, who? His answer: Paul Wesley. (x)
  • He hopes Elena will never turn into a vampire because she’d kick his ass for a 1000 years. (x)
  • A fan asks if he’d ever run for office. He says no because he knows his place in the world. Unless Damon becomes mayor (x)
  • Fave scene to film: Vicki and Damon running around & dancing & frolicking. Very fond of those memories. Misses Kayla. (x)
  • Who he wants to meet, alive or dead: He used to do Civil War reenactments in his teens. Would love to meet Abe Lincoln. (x)
  • Would love to see Damon in the twenties, in a tux. (x)
  • And Ian gets the same question Paul got about pancakes or waffles. He says he makes the best pancakes on the planet. (x)
  • Favorite part of @HillywoodShow parody: Katherine pressed up against the tomb entrance. (x)
  • Loved the Hillywood show parody bc they found all the silly nuances (x)
  • Wants to find a movie that fits in the timeslot they have off but its tough (x)
  • Little girl asks what his favorite animal is. He is “so in love with all of them.” (x)
  • Love! @iansomerhalder talking about animals and generally being adorable. (x)
  • Advice on a career in acting: as an actor, your only job is to seek the truth. (x)
  • .@iansomerhalder is desperately in search for a role completely opposite of Damon (x)
  • In his spare time: there isn’t any. It’s called the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. (x)
  • Last question: if you could have any of Damon’s powers, which? Answer: Compulsion. (x)

Steven McQueen & Michael Trevino Q&A:

  • If they could be any other character. Michael would be Bonnie. Steven: “No comment.” (x)
  • Do you guys Google yourselves?” Steven: Michael does it a few times a day. ;) (x)
  • ould Jeremy go back with Anna or Vicki if he could, or Bonnie. He asks room to decide. Final answer: Anna & Bonnie. (x)
  • Michael is a True Blood fan. “Not ones with sparkly people.” (x)
  • Loving McQueen and Trevino right now. The view from behind the sound equipment. (x)
  • Michael says most rewarding thing about working is that he can eat choc chip cookies on set and Steven says seeing all of us (x)
  • McQueen is #TeamMatt. (x)
  • Fan asks Tyler to make the case for Team Tyler versus Team Matt. hilaaaaarious. (x)
  • Steven on favorite scene: Anna feeding on Jeremy for the first time. (Vee note: Still hot.) (x)
  • Steven on Jeremy’s kiss of death. “he felt like a monster inside and wanted to become one.” (x)
  • Steven: “I want the attitude of Damon & the hair of Paul Wesley.” (x)
  • McQueen says he wants Damon’s attitude and Stefan’s hair. Fan: Who’s abs do you want? MQ: I have my own! *cheers* (x)
  • Steven just talked about a prank pulled on set involving David Anders and a Hershey kiss.  (x)
  • Pranks: put a smeared hershey kiss on the hospital bed of Uncle John after he lost his fingers…he thought he slipped (x)
  • Steven is a comic book nerd he says. (x)
  • What are they reading right now? Comics and scripts. (x)
  • Steven on Bonnie: Surprised by relationship bc Jeremy likes a girl and she dies. But he says they have great scenes coming up. (x)
  • Steven was surprised when he found out he would be having a relationship w/Bonnie (x)
  • Steven refuses to get a Twitter. He says there are a couple fake ones out there doing the job for him and he’s lazy. (x)
  • They just took their jackets off at the request of an audience member. Good lord. (x)
  • McQueen just flashed his tattoos. (x)
  • Steven is exhausting us here. My cheeks hurt from laughing. Poor Michael is laughing and shaking his head. (x)
  • This panel is getting racy with the double entendres. (x)
  • Fave ep to film - Steven: Masquerade. Trevino: Friday Night Bites. (x)
  • Will Steven ever get into music? He says its not for him but he plays guitar and mom says he is a great singer songwriter (x)


  • McQueen is getting knife fight training in the green room while the rest of us do shots in the kitchen. (HERE)
  • Steven flashing his tattoos (a.k.a., flexing his biceps and showing off his abs) HERE
  • #energize @CandiceAccola @M_Trevino" (HERE)
  • “We love this guy.” He’s in a really funny t-shirt (HERE)
  • “Photo madness! all these guys are so excited to meet the fans.” (HERE)
  • “Steven took this pic of his brother @jessarae singing “hallelujah”. Sooo angsty.” (HERE)
  • “Proud big bro. @jessarae" (HERE)
  • “.@iansomerhalder is holding court at #TVDEyeCon" (HERE)
  • "Love! @iansomerhalder talking about animals and generally being adorable.” (HERE)
  • Michael Trevino and Steven McQueen looking awesome HERE and HERE
  • “Loving McQueen and Trevino right now. The view from behind the sound equipment.” (HERE)
  • "Ya……. That happened. "Will you sign my baby?" (HERE)
  • A few pictures of Ian (and the back view of Ian) from his Q&A panel HERE
  • Ian and Devon Haas (in their ISF Kids Army shirts!) HERE
  • A few pictures of Steven at the Jessarae concert: HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.
  • Paul during his Q&A session HERE
  • You can see tons of Paul Q&A pictures by clicking HERE (pictures provided by tumblr’s very own, delenadiaries).


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  • "Steven: ‘I want the attitude of Damon and the hair of Paul Wesley.’" HERE
  • Michael and Steven on what shows they were into as kids HERE
  • “A fan asked if McQueen wants Jeremy to “turn”… And if he and Trev would take their jackets off.” (HERE)
  • Paul on Stefan/Elena vs. Stefan/Katherine HERE
  • Michael Trevino freaking out about Damon/Tyler converses HERE
  • Michael Trevino interview with VampireSupport HERE

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