For now, we ask you to support the passing of TVDLs by calling your representatives in support of the bill.  The next vote is expected to be on January 4, 2013.  Join us at  our upcoming phone banking session on January 3, 4pm-5:30pm at Casa Michoacan (1638 S Blue Island Ave. Chicago).  Information on political targets and calling scripts will be provided, we just need your willingness to help.  Every phone call will bring us one step closer to getting the community access to temporary driver’s licences.

Immigrant Youth Justice League

December 2012. 

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اريد فريم وير لهذا الجهاز eidolon15_nand_gb2

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Hardware : MT6575
Model : eidolon15_nand_gb2
Build number : ALPS.GB2.MP.V2.47
Build date UTC : 20130527-071144
Android v : 4.1.1
Baseband v: MAUI.11AMD.W11.50.SP.V52, 2013/04/19 20:59
Kernel v : (soft*android) (gcc version 4.4.3 (GCC) ) #1 Mon May 27 15:09:16 CST 2013
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