AU where Damon doesn’t come back and 25 years after the s5 finale Elena is lying on a road waiting for her next victim when she hears a voice she never thought she’d hear again talking on a cellphone. And when she stands up to check that her minds is not playing tricks with her again, she is met with a gorgeous dark haired man with piercing blue eyes and the sound of a very human heartbeat.

She walks towards him, but suddenly stops dead cold a few feet away from him, afraid that he is going to disappear (he always does just when he is at arms length) But the way that dress shirt is hanging to his toned chest (her hallucinations always wear grey V necks and black leather jackets), his hair raffled and shorter than the last time she saw him. But it’s the swollen lips (looking exactly the same way as after they’ve been kissing for a while) that makes a gasped “Damon” escapes her lips, earning her a small lopsided smile and a “Do I know you?" that makes her world find light and implode in it’s self all at the same time.