Vincent: Are you thinking about something?
Yi Hei: Do you really like me?
Vincent: Yes
Yi Hei: How long can you like me for? A week? A month? A year? Or two years? One day you’ll think that I don’t match you… you’ll realize that everything you’ve done for me is very silly. 
Vincent: There’s nothing that can get in our way. We’re not filming a drama. I won’t lose my future just because of you. I won’t lose 50% of my stock share because of you. My mom will also not get in our way. In the end, you just don’t believe in me. You don’t believe I like you. You don’t believe you’re worth me liking. I want you to listen to me, I will always be by your side…until the day you believe in me.


Wai Sir: Hello, this is the telephone company, I just want to check if there’s anything wrong with your phone. I just want to check if your phone was broken since you didn’t text me back. Ohh I know! You wanted to hear my voice, so you purposely didn’t text me back so that I would call you.
Ah Pat: You’re crazy! Do you think your voice sounds good? It’s so ugly. 
Wai Sir: Haha! My voice doesn’t sound good, but your’s does. Say something so I can listen to it.