tvandtoast has been INCREDIBLE to me over the past year (holy shit) and I’ve met some amazing people (and seen even better TV— no offense guys, it’s just really good TV). You know who you are.

Anyway, I’m not deleting this today or anything (and will post a few more hOuSeKeEping ThIngS~), but definitely go follow talkofshame.tumblr (PUNS!). Hoping this will be a wordier tumblr, so if you’re into my rambles you may just be into my new tumblr. I hope you are!

See you there.



Caroline (tvandtoast)
Well Caroline and I officially met under odd circumstances (see: Charmed v Buffy distaster debate 2011) but I have truly enjoyed getting to know her.  We have bonded over our shared love and admiration for Cory “Batman” Booker.  Caroline is funny, intelligent, and a great podcast moderator.  I have officially replaced her as the punching bag for Matt and LaToya, but I’m okay with that.  Beyond her extensive knowledge of television, Caroline is a part of an online feminist movement that she recently introduced me to.  She’s basically an irl Britta Perry and I hope that she one day has her own television show that I can guest star on or something.  Happy Galentine’s Day Caroline!

tvandtoast replied to your post: I AM SO ROYALLY FUCKED.

I think I actually did because I forgot to drop a class I ended not going to? and m y advisor cared not at all, soooo i dunno

OKAY YEAH THAT’S BASICALLY WHAT HAPPENED.  I KIND OF MEANT TO DROP IT BUT THEN I DIDN’T AND NOW I HAVEN’T GONE SO YEAH.  Even without getting this credit, I’m still taking 16 credits for the semester which is p l e n t y.  And I feel like if I stress myself out by trying to attend all the meetings and then end up NOT GETTING THE CREDIT because of that one exam I have scheduled during a meeting it will all be for NOTHING.  So I’m going to hope that my advisor cares not at all as yours did.