I hope you know I’m not okay. 

When you see me smiling, laughing, and having a good time. When you hear I got drunk at that party, made out with that girl, woke up with someone else in bed. When you see me listening to upbeat music, singing out loud, dancing like no body is watching. When you see me getting coffee with a girl, having lunch with another, picking up, yet another, for dinner. When you see me taking pictures with a girl, when you see a picture with a girl kissing my cheek, when you see a picture with my arm around a girl’s waist. When you see me happy, living, and free. 

I hope you know I’m not okay. 

I’ve learned to be without you. I’ll live life like everyone else. But, my God, I am not okay. I’ve spent too many mornings without your voice. I’ve spent too many days without your lips. And every night I look forward to sleep because you always find your way into my dreams where everything is okay. So I may seem okay, good, excellent one day. But I’ll never, ever, be okay without you.

I hope you know am not okay.


Bill doesn’t think twice about using Sookie for his own means, no matter how much it’ll cost her emotionally.

"Hi I’m following your blog and I find awesome!! The other night I was watching S6 of TB and I found a parallel with Bill and Sookie: in S6E8 Bill asked Sookie to give up her life to become a fairy/vampire bride so he could have access to Warlow’s blood; in S7e10 Bill asked Sookie to kill him with her fairy ball, to give up her fae heritage so she live her life without vampires. Is it possible to make a gif-set with these two episodes? Thanks”

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anonymous said:

just wanted to say the text post you just wrote was the sweetest thing ive seen in a while and I was just wondering why you dont go get her? make her realize you love her still?

You can’t make someone want to be with you no matter how much you want to be with them.

I thought I was done crying over you.

But then my heart tripped on your memory. It fell on a puddle of your voice, tasted the blood of your love on its lips and, long story short, I miss you and I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving you.