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teen!genderfluid!Sherlock and all of their friends (so, like, Sally, Molly and Irene) having a MASSIVE shopping spree in Lush, and Sherlock lays eyes on the HoneyBee bath bomb and instantly falls in love. Later that evening, they relax into a big tub overflowing with sweetly scented bubbles and swirly yellow foam.



When I drop out in a couple months(End of March, Start of April)I’m going to mostly cut the internet out of my life, I’m only going to focus on getting my GED once my GED prep classes start up, when I pass the test then I’ll come back, but before then the only way to contact me will be my phone number, possibly skype, EMAIL, or IRL.

I just want to be able to get my GED as quickly as possible so my mom won’t have another reason to call me the biggest family dissapointment and so I can get a job and start my life and my road to transitioning already

Thanks for understanding!!

At 10, I learned that ginger was a bad colour for hair
That curly hair was unacceptable
That girls should wear skirts

At 11, I learned that that I should wear tights
That my skirt had to be a certain length to not distract boys conform to the uniform code
That your accent makes a difference

At 12, I learned that girls don’t eat puddings
That thighs shouldn’t squidge
That it wasn’t ‘normal’ to have daily suicidal thoughts

At 13 I learned that clever was bad
My background was bad
My body was bad

At 14 I learned that I should shave my legs
That depression was ‘being moody’
That cutting worked

At 15 I learned my counsellor’s name
The importance of weight
That you weren’t complete without a boyfriend

At 16 I learned that clever was good
That art didn’t matter
That grades were more important than health

At 17 I learned the taste of prozac
That fingers could make you throw up
The names of the nurses in the hospital

At 18 I learned that society doesn’t care about ‘adults’
That mixing gin and pills is a bad plan
That however perfect your family is, illness can still happen

At 19 I learned that friends move on
That alcohol can be fun
That however perfect your family is, death can still happen

At 20 I learned that pain is relative
That people care
That talking helps

At 21 I hope to learn that weight isn’t important
That cutting doesn’t help
That ginger is a good colour for hair and curly is even better
That my worth is not dependent on whether I have a man
That depression is real and it needs to be felt and worked on
That alcohol is fun but not if you drink it alone
That tights are my choice, as is shaving my legs
That health is more important than grades or pay scales

At 21, I hope to learn to love myself.