“The act of giving milk itself is pleasant and soothing; it’s not that I am eager for it to end. And it’s not that it is uninteresting, between the strange palpable effects of the oxytocin and the mesmerizing face of the latched baby. It just doesn’t fit into the matrix of productivity or purpose or attention I’m accustomed to. It is simply being, mammal-animal being, layered with a human consciousness as thin and light as linen.”

Sarah Menkedick on breastfeeding and boredom.

Conversations with a 3 year old.

"We are going to visit nana today."
“No I don’t want do.”
“We have to. We haven’t been over in a while.”
“Yes we have.”
“When is the last time you saw her? You haven’t been over in a long time.”
“Yes I have. We went over none days ago (then lets out huge burp and walks away).”

I guess he told me.

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We’ve saved the best for last, naturally.