1. Things are different. He kisses girls who smoke too much and you run around from guy to guy trying to glue your heart back together.

2. His trust means nothing to you now. He said he’s changed? Yea well he also said he’d never hurt you.

3. You two no longer live in that perfect bubble somewhere in Utopia. Everything turned real the minute he walked out that door. Now you must live in a world where reality has set in. He left you crying on your bedroom floor begging for him to stay, there’s no coming back from that.

4. You deserve better. You’ll hear this a lot over the next few months but the minute you realize it’s true is the moment you’ll completely let go. You deserve someone who would tear themselves to pieces just to make you whole again.

5. You can’t always be the one fighting. You were there when things got bad and he needed you to stand by him. You were there to feed his ego again and again. But when you didn’t want to leave the house for a month straight because the thought of him not in your life left you unable to move, he was out throwing back shots of vodka and slipping his hands up strange girl’s shirts.

6. He never loved you, another harsh realization. Those words that came out of his mouth so beautifully, those words that you clung to so tightly, he’ll repeat them all to his new girl. He treated you like some sort of possession he was always trying to win over, that is not love.

7. He has already moved on. You’re sitting on your couch wondering if he’s thinking about you and guess what? He isn’t. Stop waiting for that call and stop checking your phone for that text.

8. He will however miss you someday. Probably when he comes to realization that no other woman will put up with his shit. When the time comes and he calls, answer and let him hear you moan as your new man makes love to you like he never could.

9. He’s not who you thought he was. They weren’t kidding when they say love is blind. You’ll see a lot of things in light that you didn’t see when you were together. His fake persona will soon reveal itself and you’ll finally see him for the boy he really is.

10. You CAN live without him. It will take you a long time to realize this. Some nights will be better than others. There will be days where you’ll go out with your girlfriends and you’ll wonder why you ever thought you needed someone else to complete you. Then there will be days when you can’t get out of bed. You can’t eat, can’t sleep and a lot of the time you’ll feel like you can’t breathe, but take a few deep breathes and remind yourself that you were fine before him, and you’ll sure as hell be fine after him.

—  Ten reasons for moving on

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