Asami: Hey Kya!

Kya: Yes Asami?

Asami: You’re into…women right?

Kya: Yeah? Aren’t you with Korra?

Asami: Yes, and I wanted to ask for your advice on erm… errrr….

Kya: (Puts arm around her shoulder, sheds a single tear from her eye and has an expression on her face that looks like she finally got the acknowledgement from her father she never got as a child) Say no more, I’m gonna help you tap my dad.

Asami: ._.

Politics in LOK: A Follow-up Discussion

I received some musings from an LOK fan “Robin,” directed at A^3’s Political Analysis of LOK (go read that if you haven’t!). The following is a political discussion between Robin, A^3, and myself. It’s long but hopefully thought-provoking? Anyway, enjoy!


Considering that your essay deals with the political ideologies the Korra antagonists uphold, are relentlessly trying to impose and how their personal backgrounds justify/molded their views; wouldn’t it be worth discussing Suyin Beifong’s matriarchy, especially since it holds the key to many of the aspects of Kuvira’s political stances? While I agree with the essay in general -and by the way, A^3, it is straightforward genius-, I felt that the way Bryke explained Kuvira by a bizarre combination of Suyin’s guarded comments and her orphan status was insufficient.

Also, is it possible to re-label Suyin as an “enlightened despot” rather than a matriarch?

We are shown that other than her command, nothing like a council or a similar political body participates in the exercise of power; Aiwei and guard captain Kuvira respond to no one else but her. She invests greatly in creative outlets, or avenues where creativity may greatly contribute to the prosperity of Zaofu; she even receives refugees and encourages them to pursue their own potential, and this will not only benefit their rehabilitation, but add more to the glory of her city… and considering who envisioned, bought the land to built the place and supervises the continuity of it, it can be safe to say that it is also for the fortune and glory of Suyin Beifong herself.

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So I was looking on Google images for official Naga artwork when I came across these:

It’s a lifelike pose-able action figure of Naga. My eyes went wide and I instantly fell in love with it. It’s one of a kind and they auctioned it off.

Why the fuck can’t they make official plush animals like this? Goddammit all! Better yet, make more of these and sell them on the market! I want one so bad!