Idiot liberals are furious with black country star Darius Rucker for singing "White Christmas"

It’s stuff like this that makes me pessimistic about the future of our great nation.  This is the kind of stupidity we’re up against. 

Darius Rucker (formerly of Hootie and the Blowfish) sang “White Christmas” at this year’s tree lighting in New York City.  In a demented, post-Ferguson, race baiting stupor, idiots on Twitter began blasting the country star for singing a Christmas song about snow…as if it had anything to do with longing for caucasians. 

Warning: racism and profanity ahoy!

You get the picture.  Twitchy has collected dozens more of these morons.  The vast majority of them appear to be white young liberals who are so overcome with their “white guilt” that they can’t decipher that the song is about snow…which is actually white.