Game of Thrones meme - ten moments - [6/10] 

“In the Kingswood there lived a mother and her cub. She loved him very much. But there were other things that lived in the woods, evil things. Like stags. And wolves. They could hear them howling in the night. The little cub was frightened. His mother said; "you are a lion, my son, you  m u s t n ’ t  be afraid.”


Who carved this altar, do you know? No one does. There’s no name on it, or anywhere else in the chapel. No, the people who built this place didn’t inflict their vanity on those who came after them… Their face was clean. Strip away the gold and the ornaments, knock down the statues and the pillars, and this is what remains. Something simple. Solid. And true. The Tyrells finally will be stripped away. Their lies knocked down, their true hearts laid bare for all to see. And so it will be for all of us… What will we find when we strip away your finery? A young man came to us not long ago. Broken in body and spirit. He had so much to strip away. So much weighing him down. But piece by piece he unburdened himself. Let go of vanity. Pride. Sin. Now his soul is so light he will float through the Seven Heavens like a bird. And he has much to say a b o u t  y o u .