Doctor: “This is erm… this erh. What is this?”

Jo: “Oscar bravo tango, 74″

Doctor: “Hello mayday, mayday, mayday. This is oscar bravo tango 74. We are stranded on this fort and have a wounded man here. Can you send immediate assistance?” 

Doctor: “Can you hear me? Can you here me? Over”

Jo: “Doctor you don’t think through to anybody on that old lash up do you?”

Doctor Who: The Sea Devils (episode 2)

(“Doctor Who” © BBC) [BBC, destroyer of episodes :(]

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Big Sean - Play No Games ft. Chris Brown & Ty Dolla $ign

Every 80s baby at some point has expressed their love for the popular 90s Fox sitcom – Martin. Big Sean remakes the classic tv show for his fan favourite “Play No Games” featuring Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign off of his Dark Sky Paradise LP. Shout out Sheneneh. Check out…

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We have come so far in video games
From just a line and a dot on a screen
to the iconic arcade characters
of Sega and Atari
and from primarily earning points on a screen
video games have evolved into another medium of storytelling

Once upon a time
the masterminds behind
the worlds of reality and fantasy
depicted by pixels on a television screen
introduced a classic tale
of a hero and a damsel in distress.

Video games satisfy competence through challenges
male characters are capable of overcoming obstacles
in order to save the damsel
who is  not capable of anything.

In a world where women are represented by men,
these themes, or these tropes, are seen in our culture
and as technology evolve into more efficient tools
pixels have progressed into explicit boobs
and curves and sultry gestures
as if a woman’s voice or demeaning role is not enough to ensure
her identity.

As men have eyes on a woman with big eyes
baby-doll “cuteness”
rewards her hero
and the eyes of men
that look down on her
in a condescending manner.
The masterminds have succeeded:
as if their promise of greed have been accepted
in return for excessive amounts of
sexual objectification,
these men will create what men want to see.

We have come so far in video games:
from arcades, we are able to play in our homes
we play with family and friends
and fight against foes
or against one another in a “versus” player mode.

Video games have integrated into entertainment,
into childhood experiences and universal businesses
such as Nintendo,  which introduced characters like Mario,
Sonic the Hedgehog, Donkey Kong
and other icons of the gaming industry
that have been contributed to the pop culture
that exists in our century.

And although game consoles became more portable,
gender stereotypes became inevitable,
Fantasized is favored over meaningful
Females are more vulnerable
to the notion that they are not capable
due to the oppression of sexism
that permeates in the medium.

But the evolution does not stop there.
Pixels become precise when the program demands high-definition
Video games not only satisfy competence
but autonomy and relatedness
which contributes to the advances of storytelling
including aspects of ideology, morality,
and the flawed traits of humanity.
Gaming Realism, a new movement of video games,
seeks to imitate and incorporate
aspects of humanity into these games
which builds a stronger relationship to the player
whether it is a war simulator or cartoon characters
looking more mature
these games introduced a new era of choice
and representation.

As children, they might be familiar with Mario Kart or Street Fighter
As teenagers, the Sims, Legend of Zelda, or Tomb Raider
These adolescents have matured into the young adult audience
which makes up one-third of the the gamer demographic
and instead of acting like the first generation
they have progressed into a generation of accurate representation
with representation, they feel more related
games become more meaningful than stagnated
in character development and the portrayal of women
video games began to open towards the female audience.

We have come to a point
where video games are not only on our consoles
but on our desktops as well as our smartphones,
where video games have branched out into
independent and mainstream
companies, where money
can be received or lost
as a generation of female developers have fought
against the stereotypes that used to bind
them to what they are not.

Women make up half the gender demographic
and it is not enough to prevent women in games from
being portrayed in the graphics
of the screen, where you used to pay an extra fee
in order to play as the woman who is free
and capable of anything.
It is not enough to make up an excuse
that deludes the public about how women
take twice as long to develop in production;
Developers began to become aware
of this discrimination
that makes a profit out of sexism
which originates back to the corruption
of the inevitable, gender-based notion.

The portrayal of women will never be limited
by the trope of the damsel in distress
or the busty, cunning heroine
but will deviate into portrayals of
women with capabilities
women with complex character
women with dignity
women of color
women of reality
women who are people.

—  WhoopiGli

CultureTV: The Wire - HD - Premieres Today - 9:00A12:00P - HBO Signature

Today begins a five-day, five-season, full-series marathon of the popular show and it starts at noon EST on HBO Signature. The channel will air one full season per day through December 30. By that count, that means that Season 4 (arguably the best) airs on Monday 12/29. 

This photo features Michael K. Williams as Omar Little, one of the most important and profound characters in black pop culture history. Don’t sleep on what most critics and TV fans call the ‘greatest TV series of all time’. Gritty, violent and brutally honest cable drama. A classic.