I made this drawing in my freshman year of high school (2008), inspired by the TV in my French class. As with much of the technology found in California’s public schools, this TV was a sad-looking mass of plastic and metal that never quite functioned the way it was supposed to. Various cables, bungee cords, and strips of duct tape precariously adhered this monstrosity to an equally broken utility cart. My assigned seat was right next to it. 

I lived in perpetual fear that someday the cables would snap and the whole thing would topple over and squish me.

I don’t miss high school…

(Skyler Brown)


On 28th September 2014, the popular music show, Fuji Terebi’s Shin Domoto Kyoudai will come to an end after a run of 13 and a half years.

Started off as “LOVE LOVE Aishiteru" in year 2000, the programme was renamed to "Shin Domoto Kyoudai" in October 2004. With the new and improved programme, it was expanded and the Domoto Brothers Band was also born from the show. On 11th March 2014, SCANDAL’s TOMOMI joined the show and became a regular.

TOMOMI has tweeted about the show after the very last recording, “「Shin Domoto Kyoudai」’s final recording has ended. Thank you very much for half a year. As I can’t conclude it all in 140 characters, I’ll write more in detail when the time comes! I really feel blessed.

The final episode, titled「Inclusive of 13 and a Half Years of Gratitude Domoto Brothers 45 Famous Scenes Running Continuously SP」, will be on 28th September, from 11:15PM to 11:45PM (JST). The Domoto Brothers Band will too make an appearance. For the CM of the final episode, it is HERE (0:52 onwards).

Additional image at the end from TV Guide HERE, screencaps and more by fyscandalband.