The people who know me personally know how much this cat meant to me, i woke up that morning and found him,i held him for a while because he had passed not long before I woke up. I love you Marley Moo, you mean’t the world to me and I am sure you knew that. I  miss you so much, when ever I was sad you would just know, meow outside of my door or come to me as soon as you saw me, wanting to be pet. When i would come home he would be the first one to greet me, wanting to be pet and held, same with when i would wake up in the morning. When ever people met him they fell in love with him, he wouldn’t know them but he’d jump on their lap and rub his face into your leg or arm wanting to be pet and held. He was such a good boy, and more than a cat to me. He was my baby, my best friend, and he had been helping me , making me happy for the past 3 years. With my depression, and self harm, he always knew when it was days where it was bad, he wouldn’t leave my side. I remember the first time I got him, he slept on the end of my bed and he was a crazy little thing, he would run and drag himself against the back of the couch, tormenting our cat Eric. He was a pain in the ass before he got fixed but once he did he became a fat little muffin and a cuddle butt. I would constantly take pictures of him because he is the cutest cat in this world in my eyes. He brought me so much happiness I  miss my Moo, my Marley, mow mow, mr. moo, monkey me-mows. I love how he answered to each of those XD I love you Marley Moo, and I will forever miss and love you.

May 31 2011 September, 18 2014

I am bawling my damn eyes out. I want my baby back.


*throws rose* BELIEVEINYOURSELF!!!

Someone needs to make gifs of that parody video, I could use them.

It’s nice to know even in the future, Mamoru will be making speeches about friendship and how strong the Senshi’s friendship is and BELIEVE IN YOUR FRIENDSHIP IT IS SO GREAT!!!!

Also nice to know even in the future he’ll be getting too injured, kidnapped or just literally vanishing into thin air and be completely useless in helping the Senshi save the day. We love ya for it bb.

sad news, friends. our much adored tuxedo mask crossed the rainbow bridge today. he’d been sick for awhile now, so it didn’t come as a surprise, and i’m glad he’s no longer suffering at least.

i’m incredibly sad to have lost him; he may have been “just” a fish but he was my friend above all. i got him at a time when i was struggling with a lot of things and he was an immense comfort to me when i just needed to sit back and relax for a while. i’ll always be grateful for that.

i don’t think i’ll get another fish anytime soon. he was special; i can’t imagine ever finding another fish i could bond with the way i did him.

rest in peace, little buddy. you will be very missed.