Tutorial: How to Make Elizabeth's Burial at Sea Outfit (Part 1: Tailoring the Shirt)

The good news is that there are a TON of different ways to go about making this costume depending upon 1) how much time you have, 2) how concerned you are about exact accuracy, and 3) your sewing skill level. But - and here’s the best part, and one of the main reasons I wanted to make a tutorial - NONE of the methods is very expensive, and none of the methods makes a significant difference in finished costume accuracy! I can’t think of any other costumes I’ve made for which all of that is true. LET US ALL PRAISE IRRATIONAL GAMES.

Option 1

Make the shirt yourself from scratch. Let me take this opportunity to express what a terrible and not-at-all-cost-effective idea this is. Sewing is fun. Sewing can be less expensive than buying, particularly when it comes to cosplay. That said, there are certain things that it behooves you never to attempt to make from scratch, including tailored button-up shirts. Anything that requires such exact measurements and so much time (so, so, so much time) is almost never worth the comparatively little time and effort involved in thrifting a shirt and altering it to fit you. Even you ladies out there who (like me) have trouble getting shirts to button over your boobs, I promise that it is far less trouble to tailor a shirt to fit you than to try to make one from scratch.

If you have chosen Option 1, I can no longer help you. Godspeed, and may the odds be ever in your favor. 

Option 2

Use a white, long-sleeved, button-up shirt that can be cut and sewed on and is only SLIGHTLY larger in the bust than your bust measurement. By SLIGHTLY, I mean no more than 2 extra inches of wiggle room around the boobs. If you’re going with this option, you can skip any tailoring directions up until I explain putting the front seams in the shirt.

Option 3

This is the option I’ll be walking you through. Thrift a men’s white, long-sleeved, button-up shirt WITHOUT POCKETS that is SIGNIFICANTLY larger than you in the bust. By significantly, I mean that you can put on the shirt, button it, gather the excess at the front of the shirt in one hand and have a good three inches of extra material. 

Note: It can be a little difficult to find white shirts without pockets, and they’re usually a little pricier because they’re more formal. That said, I’ve never spent more than $10 on one.

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I don’t think I’ve seen a post about this before but there might be one around.

Here’s how to bold, italicize and strikeout in skype.


 *is for bold*
_is for italics._
~will strike through things.~
and you still want to use the symbols without them disappearing put @@ at the start of your post.

so going:

@@ *Walks around.*  will just get you: 

*Walks around.*

Hope that helps!


Three hours to make and edit this bunch of pictures. I’m so confused I opened gmail instead of tumblr. Enjoy, was made with love and tears.

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Oh boy, I’m glad I finally get to post about these guys. So yeah, I made two Ampharos plushies, one of which lights up. The light-up one is about 19 inches tall, and the big unlit one at the bottom is about 25 inches, which is the biggest plushie I’ve made so far. You can read the details on how the small one lights up on my deviantART.

I’m also releasing the pattern I used to make Ampharos for free, as well as a tutorial! If you want to make your own Ampharos plush, check out the pattern and tutorial on my deviantART. I’d say it’s a medium difficulty plush; beginners might have a bit of trouble with it but should still be OK if they just follow the instructions. All those stripes are a total pain though. gahhhhhhhh




Room Decor


Ombre Nails! I started with a white base, that way the colors will be more opaque. I used “Mess No More” by minimanimoo.com around my nails to prevent the mess around my cuticle. I let it dry before creating the ombre/gradient using a make up sponge. I remove Mess No More with tweezers and clean up the rest with an eyeshadow brush dipped in acetone.


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