How To Play Competitive TF2! [Guide] by Muselk

A while back, TF2 Youtuber Muselk made a short overview video of an introduction for competitive Team Fortress 2 for those who were interested in getting into it! He covers various formats such as 6v6 and Highlander, how a person (once they’ve decided what they like) can actually start getting into competitive matches, as well as how to join a team. 

Wow I forgot I had this- I drew this eye tutorial on paint tool sai last summer and posted it to G+ but gonna dump it here in case anyone finds it useful. So yeah how I drew eyes a year ago. My style has probably changed though… Less sparkly animu. Lel sorry for the bad handwriting though.
So ye if anyone has tutorial requests give me a holler.


Видео процесса рисования как дополнение к вот этому тутору

Video of the drawing process for this Guide

Tutorial for 2dlive Part II

Link for all the parts: Part I

Download Requirements:

  • 2D Live Program
  • Chitose Template
    • If your character is a guy Download Chitose. If you’re making a girl character download  ε (Epsilon haha get it because that’s the symbol for Epsilon) Epsilon also comes with a PSD file so you can use that as your guide when you make characters. Unfortunetly Chitose doesn’t come with one D:

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Como fazer double icons

Bom pessoal, já temos este tutorial aqui no twilixo porém eu queria deixar ele mais detalhado e atualizar

  • Primeiramente você irá abri um documento em branco por 240x240 e um por 120x240;
  • No documento de 120x240 você irá colar a foto que você quer fazer o double icon, eu usarei esta aqui, e redimensionar até que fique do jeito que você quer. Até agora esta assim (x);
  • Agora você irá copiar o documento de 120x240 e colar no 240x240 duas vezes e irá ajeitar até que fique uma ao lado da outra;
  • Pronto, agora é só aplicar alguma action e salvar seu icon. 
  • Obs: para fazer o icon ficar um acima do outro, como no segundo exemplo, é só seguir o tutorial normalmente porém ao invés das medidas serem 120x240 será 240x120 ;)

Espero que gostem, e se este tutorial for útil dê like neste post!


The only thing better than playing with a big pile of LEGO bricks is playing with pieces that you can also eat. Previously we’ve seen chocolate LEGO pieces. Now let’s take a look at the gummy variety. A few years ago Instructables contributor SFHandyman created a tutorial on how to make sweet, chewy, colorful, translucent, and wonderfully wobbly LEGO-shaped gummies, including instructions for making the LEGO brick molds.

YouTube contributor The King of Random (aka Grant Thompson) recently used SFHandyman’s tutorial to create his own gummy LEGO candies in a variety of sizes, including little gummy LEGO minifigs! Here’s his enticing preview video:

Stay tuned to The King of Random YouTube Channel for Thompson’s complete gummy LEGO tutorials, which he’ll be sharing on May 25th.

In the meantime you can head over to the Instructables project page for the SFHandyman’s original tutorial, which includes an alternative vegetarian recipe.

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princesssakua258 asked:

Hey! I just want to say that seeing your art always brightens up my day and inspires me!~ I was wondering how you are able to keep it up. I have tried to draw for 365 days straight, but I just cant find the time sometimes. Any suggestions?

Thank you! <3

Here are some tips for you:

  • Keep a sketchbook!

If it’s a pocket size one it’s even better! That way you can draw wherever you are. People often complain they don’t have time to draw. I know how hard that can be but you can always use 10min. before going to bed/after waking up, or that time when you’re on a bus/train or waiting for them. Be sure to use these “dead spots” on your day that would be wasted otherwise.

Here’s a link where you can buy the same sketchbook that I use (Moleskine)~>

I have recently bought a Leuchtturm sketchbook on Amazon and it’s also amazing to work with. ~>

  • Keep it simple!

You don’t have to draw a masterpiece everyday. Don’t force yourself to do so, it might be terribly counterproductive to your inspiration/natural workflow. The materials you’re going to use also fall into this category. Back on 2014 when I use to sketch everyday I kept my doodles black and white for two reasons:

1. I didn’t know how to use colors properly by the time(I’m still learning actually). Drawing alone was a challenge.

2. Coloring would take me too much time (bc of what I said above), that would make me fall behind on the daily sketches and it would dis encourage me to keep with the challenge. So I kept with pencil+ink illustrations.

  • What to draw?

Anything. I mean, literally anything. Here are a few prompts to keep you busy:

For last but not least, keep improving by trying out new things. Lack of inspiration for me almost always comes from boredom of my own style. 

Searching for books/tutorials about art online, watching different movies, searching for new bands to listen, reading comics/manga/fiction/whatever l like always help me to keep my creative juices flowing ;)


Listen to music while you’re drawing!

  •  ~> Choosic is an app that works like Tinder but for music. It’s amazing to discover new songs! If you like it, drag to the right, if you don’t, drag it to the left.
  • ~> Spotify usually recommends nice stuff and there are some awesome playlists there made by other users ;) (Find me there as “Gabriel Bertasoli” if you would like to know what I listen to)


Super cliche, but deviantArt and Pinterest are still my favorites on that regard:

^ These  posts are compilations of a lot of material that have been helping me on the past few months. I’m sure they’ll keep you busy for a long time c:

For Pinterest, just search for specific tutorials like “hair tutorial”, “hand tutorial”, etc.

^ See? Super easy :3


Again, deviantART is a big source of inspiration for me. A lot of artists are here on Tumblr and Instagram too so it’s just a matter of browsing these websites/apps.

You may have heard of this gem already. This site is great for studying anatomy and for training your eye to draw fast. :)

link for Posemaniacs~>

  • Design

I’ve been working with colors this year so I grew very fond of this site. Every day they share new color palettes taken from photographs. Definitely inspiring! 

link for DesignSeeds~>

Sorry for the unexpected long post D:

lettersfromthegreenroom asked:

A coloring skin tutorial perhaps?

Last of today since I’m tired ೖ(⑅σ̑ᴗσ̑)ೖ

As for the colors:

Keep in mind that skin is both smooth and oily, some parts are going to shine more than others -nose vs. arm- Also more colors can be applied depending of the light of the room, direct light, clothes bounced light and room/objects shadows :D Hope this was useful!