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Over 140 Different Apple Cultivars on One Tree

The benefits of multi-grafted fruit trees:

  • Huge variety of fruit in a small space
  • Longer season: the fruits of different cultivars ripen at different times
  • Longer foraging season for bees and other pollinators: the flowers bloom in different weeks
  • Better pollination: cross-pollination happens more readily as genetically distinct plants are in closer proximity

The drawbacks of multi-grafted fruit trees:

  • Each graft constitutes a weak point, as compared to a natural joint
  • Each wound opened through grafting provides an entryway for disease
  • Each new scion carries the risk of disease contaminating the entire tree (the above tree was contaminated with Apple Mosaic virus through a scion wood exchange).

However, there is a bright side to the disease risk: after this tree
was infected with apple mosaic virus, the owner was able to identify which cultivars were best able to withstand the virus.

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I’m gonna take some tutorial request to be posted on my resource blog! Any editing request is welcome and I might gonna choose one or two of them. I can’t actually promise that I can do all of the request so yeah, I’m just gonna chose from them. Lucky one wins. ^^; One request at a time. Thanks! ^^
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I don’t think I’ve seen a post about this before but there might be one around.

Here’s how to bold, italicize and strikeout in skype.


 *is for bold*
_is for italics._
~will strike through things.~
and you still want to use the symbols without them disappearing put @@ at the start of your post.

so going:

@@ *Walks around.*  will just get you: 

*Walks around.*

Hope that helps!


Three hours to make and edit this bunch of pictures. I’m so confused I opened gmail instead of tumblr. Enjoy, was made with love and tears.

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Oh boy, I’m glad I finally get to post about these guys. So yeah, I made two Ampharos plushies, one of which lights up. The light-up one is about 19 inches tall, and the big unlit one at the bottom is about 25 inches, which is the biggest plushie I’ve made so far. You can read the details on how the small one lights up on my deviantART.

I’m also releasing the pattern I used to make Ampharos for free, as well as a tutorial! If you want to make your own Ampharos plush, check out the pattern and tutorial on my deviantART. I’d say it’s a medium difficulty plush; beginners might have a bit of trouble with it but should still be OK if they just follow the instructions. All those stripes are a total pain though. gahhhhhhhh