Little tutorial for the breastplate I’ve made today! 
Nothing new, but I hope it helps! 

You’ll find more details in my video tutorial:
And more armor tutorials in my books:

Material is Worbla, which you can buy in Europe here:
… or in the US and Canada at Cosplaysupplies here:


'Spellbound' Halloween Witch Eye Make-up Tutorial

The classic Halloween witch makeup can be done so many different ways. To inspire you all this Halloween I have created a spellbound witch makeup look using VIVO Cosmetics. You don’t need a full face of makeup to be a witch for Halloween. Go with this awesome purple and green eye make-up look and skip the makeup hangover on November 1st. To see video tutorial click >here< 

Happy Halloween!



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Sponsoring Supersonic this week is the fantastic Craftsy and they’re offering one of their brilliant online classes, Radiant Portraits in Colored Pencil" for 50% Off!

I feel like the use of the colored pencil is strongly overlooked but thanks to online classes Craftsy is offering like “Radiant Portraits in Colored Pencil" - which shows off the incredible results of learning techniques such as creating value and form, creating a realistic skin tone and even texturing hair - I feel that more artists will be drawn to the media.  Plus the lessons are taught with HD videos that never expire along with many extra materials.

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DIY Easy Miniature Dollhouse Jewelry Tutorial from Morena’s Corner. I’ve posted quite a few miniature dollhouse DIYs including teacup rings under my "stick and glue" category. This tutorial is different as it uses Dimensional Magic (find at any craft store). I like this tutorial because its shows the range of miniatures out there and how to personalize pendants and rings to give as gifts. 

DIY Skeleton Sneakers Tutorial from Offbeat Home. Take a pair of unwanted or cheap sneakers and with a sharpie pen and paint transform them into death feet.

Don’t want to paint? Then you can make these DIY skeleton shoes using contact paper with a printable to help you (note: do not do this on shoes you love - who knows how they’ll look when the contact paper is pulled off). See the DIY for these Skeleton Feet Shoes from my paper crane here. 

DIY Easy Heart Pearl Earrings Tutorial from Tutsplus. This is an easy to follow tutorial using cheap supplies. The difference between this tutorial and other similar ones I’ve posted, is that the 2 pearls in back are hooked onto the earring backing (scroll backs).

I recently posted these DIY Delicate Double Pearl Earrings from Thanks, I Made It. You can see theat the dangling pearl is front of the earring backing.


Since starting the #inktober thing, I’ve gotten a bunch of inbox messages asking about what pens and tools I use. So I thought I’d make a quick post about it! Excuse my scratched-up desk

First Photo:Zebra Brush Pens; “Super Fine” and Fine.
These have been my go-to brush-pens lately. They’re not perfect, but you can get thin and thick lines from them without having to switch pens too often. The tips are very durable, and one pen can last a pretty long time compared to similar brush pens. Careful erasing pencil lines over them though. Sometimes it’ll fade the ink too.

Second Photo: Copic Multiliner pens (disposable); Sizes 0.05, 0.1, 0.3
I used to use these for everything, but I’ve been using them less and less lately. They changed them a bit recently, and they don’t feel nearly as smooth. I’m still using them for smaller details though. (Looks like Jetpens doesn’t sell the disposable ones separately anymore, which is a shame because I like those much more than the expensive and fragile-tipped “SP” versions.)

Third Photo:Pentel Pocket Brush pen + refills
This thing is GREAT. It behaves like a real brush, but it’s pen sized, and doesn’t need cleaning or require constant dipping. Great for filling in black spots, or getting rough brush strokes. You can use it to draw thin lines too, but I’m not too good at using it for that.

Photo Four:
Kuretake brush pens; Fine, Medium and Broad
I bought these recently, and while they’re pretty good, I wouldn’t recommend them over the Zebra pens. The Zebra pens do everything these do, only better. It’s good to have a couple of lesser pens/brushes for sketchbook work though! And these have been good for that. I’ve used them for my recent Inktober stuff. The tips fray a little bit after a few uses. They looks pretty cool though, right?

Photo Five:
Pencil and Erasers! Paper Mate Clearpoint mechanical pencil + Tombow Mono eraser (Large) + Mono eraser pen
For Mechanical pencils, I recommend one with clicker on the side, rather than the top. I don’t like getting my fingers all over the eraser on the top-click pencils. Plus having the eraser twist up is convenient too.
For erasers, I recommend Mono for everything! I’ve found them to be the best for erasing pencil lines, but not destroying the inked lines. The Eraser pen is good for getting into small/delicate areas.

Photo Six:
Dr. Ph. Martin’s Black Star Matte India ink + "G Nibs"
I don’t use Ink + Nib very often anymore, but I remember during college, this ink was my favorite. It drys pretty evenly, and the G nibs are pretty balanced for small details and thick lines, similar to the Zebra pens. I’m not a fan of waiting for lines to dry though.

Photo Seven: White inks
Uni-Ball Signo Gel pen- White + Sakura Gelly Roll Gel pen - White + "Pro White" ink
All thee of these are good for both drawing, and corrections. The Signo white gel pen is THE BEST for making white lines, but it can be a little too broad at times. it can also run out very fast with regular usage. The Sakura Gelly Roll pen is much thinner, but the ink often doesn’t create solid lines, and fades away into inked spots. Still handy to have around though. I’ve only begun using the “Pro White” ink recently, but I’ve found it to be pretty nice for the toned-paper drawings. Beats the hell out of using the Gel pens to fill large areas! You need a brish for it though, and I’d recommend a shitty one you don’t care about. If this stuff drys, it’s hard as a rock. You might need to mix in some water to soften up the ink. Also, not pictured is a regular white out pen(the kind you can get from any office store). I only use that for corrections though. It’s useful, but looks terrible on traditional pieces.

I hope some of this was helpful! Thanks everyone for all the recent notes and reblogs!


Halloween is approaching quick and you still don’t have a costume?! An all-black outfit can do no wrong and leaves plenty of room for you to get creative with your makeup! Today, I’m going to show you how to achieve this alluring vampire makeup look that will make a great last minute Halloween look!

When I think of vampires, the words “dark”, “mysterious”, and “seductive” come to mind. This vampire inspired look can easily be altered to your liking and is fairly simple to create. This is probably how I would like to look if I were to actually become an unearthly creature of the night. ;


Smokey Eye Tutorial:

1) Start by taking a black kohl eyeliner pencil and apply it all over the lid, as well as on the upper water line and lash line. Don’t worry about applying the eyeliner neatly since it will get blended out. The black eyeliner will be your eyeshadow base for the dark eyeshadow that will be applied on top. Use your fingers to blend out the black eyeliner—-the warmth from your fingers will help to better smooth out the pigment of the pencil. 

I used the Long-Wear Eyeliner in “Forever Noir” by Noir Cosmetics. This eyeliner is very creamy and smooth, glides on effortlessly, and is very easy to use.

2) Using the black eyeshadow from Noir Cosmetics’ 'Jewel Box' Eyeshadow Palette, apply the dark color on the lid and gently blend out the eyeshadow, just above the crease. The trick to using black eyeshadow is to not apply too much at once; apply the black color a little at a time and blend as you go, and apply additional layers if needed.

3) Next, apply a red eyeshadow (I used Vera Moore Cosmetics’ matte powder blush in 'Riviera Red') to the upper crease, blending the red color thoroughly into the black eyeshadow to create a nice transition.

4) Take a purple eyeshadow (my choice was the “Purple” single eyeshadow by NYX Cosmetics) and apply it to the outer crease.

5) Using the same black eyeshadow from the 'Jewel Box' Eyeshadow Palette, apply it to the outer bottom lash line and smoke it out with a pencil brush. Then, apply the red eyeshadow to the inner bottom lash line.

6) Create a winged eyeliner with a black liquid eyeliner, apply mascara to top and bottom lashes, and apply a dramatic pair of false eyelashes if desired to complete the eye makeup look!

Is case you’re wondering, my contact lenses are the EOS Fairy Gray lenses from Pinky Paradise.



Dark Ombre Lip Tutorial:

1) Outline the lips with a black eye/lip pencil. I used the same eyeliner from the eye makeup tutorial, the Long-Wear Eyeliner in “Forever Noir” by Noir Cosmetics.

2) Next, take a lip brush and apply the 'Chocolate Merlot' Creamy Lip Stain by City Color Cosmetics to the outer corners of the lips.

3) Using another creamy lip stain from City Color Cosmetics in the shade ‘Cherry Daiquiri’, apply it to the center of the lips. Press lips together to blend all the colors to create an ombre effect.

For the blood effect, I used a lip brush to apply the two lip stains along the edges of my mouth. You want the dripping blood to be as realistic as possible, so this part of the look shouldn’t be perfect—-the messier, the better. :)





Remember to just have fun with your look no matter what you decide to go as for Halloween! Costumes aren’t always necessary when makeup gives so much possibilities!