Tip Tuesday #120

Wearing bodypaint, body suit or gloves that can’t be easily removed? Carry around some rubber gloves. That way you can pee without ruining your costume (use the gloves during  and toss them when done). They can also work for eating (don’t want to get stains on a bodysuit) or other messy situations.

fun thing 2 do for doodlers

if you’re a compulsive doodler like me, and you:

  • end up with a bunch of drawings you like in your notes/school planner/etc
  • just have a lot of things scattered across sketchbooks or notepads or something that you used only like 2 times for that couple of pages at the beginning
  • really freakin LIKED some of those doodles but hated how scattered they were,

…then you can do what i started doing and make a lil scrapbook!

all you need is a small sketchbook/notebook and a gluestick! it doesn’t matter if the book is lined or not, and the exact size/shape is all up to you. 

the rest under a readmore to save space~

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i see a lot of beginner artists fall into this trap, i definitely did at the beginning. basically what happens is you mentally allocate every patch of colour as a 2D plate and colour accordingly, creating a sort of beveled effect at the side, when actually you need to be thinking of it 3D, with all its curves (as illustrated in th last panel) and the shadows casting around the curves.

best cure? drawing loads of things from life, like just draw objects that are physically in front of you and study the shading, how the light effects the gradient. this’ll really help you see how the shadows are created and then let you apply them to your imagined objects

The Sims 4 Tutorial: How to create rooms with curved glass windows

The Sims 4 lets you build curved fences but sadly that doesn’t apply for walls. Thankfully, Mod The Sims member maloverci created a special glass fence that comes in 5 heights. There are 3 heights that match wall heights, letting you create glass walls and curved glass walls! Here’s what you need to do in order to create rooms with curved glass windows: 1. Download and install the Glass Fence The…

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Welp, this is just the sketching process of this drawing, but I did it just to show the process. People have asked me to do a step-by-step post, but I don’t even do sketches so I don’t know what exactly I could show everyone ._. So instead I did this… I hope it helps? Maybe even a bit? :)


Sorry for the video demo quality. Wanted to show off this new tool I got in the mail. My very talented friend @beagler9 showed me hers a few weeks ago and I nearly died of excitement!!! It is a liquid masking fluid pen!!! Basically if you want to black off an area from being colored you just paint over the area, let dry, and once done, rub off and it leaves the paper underneath untouched! I can’t wait to use it ❤️❤️❤️ #molotow #copicmarkers #copic #markerss #demo #tutorial #artdemo #arttutorial #liquidmaskingfluid #arttools #artsupplies #newlove


Here is a complete process video I recorded of my recent artwork
“Alchemy Resonance”.

Please feel free to share, like or comment.. would really appreciate it!

baetanscout asked:

Oh my goodness, darliNG, YOUR ART IS INSANE! I'm wondering if you could offer tips on drawing shoes/feet whenever you have the time. You draw such wonderful sneakers (lol)

Real quick, I just want to say that when I was younger (aka, barely a few years ago) I HATED drawing feet and shoes because I just couldn’t XD SO SEE GUYS!? PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

Ok, now, to draw feet in any way, no matter how personalized and cartoonish and whatever, you still really need to know the anatomy, or, at least how it looks realistically. I cannot stretch how important it is to know anatomy guys.

This is a foot. Now, to get to draw said foot in any kind of way, you need to make yourself a sort of break-down. 

As you can see above, all you need to do is to cut it up in parts that are easier to understand and work with. The easiest way to do this is with geometric shapes. It’s really simple, once you know how to split the human body, to draw. 

  • the toes
  • the heel
  • and the in-between
  • and don’t forget the joint aka ankle

So, starting from the shapes, you make yourself a very plain version of a foot:

When you look at the image above, it becomes clearer why it is important to have the foot itself made of different shapes. Now it becomes easier to bend the foot in all kind of poses, because you know what goes where. 

For the shoes, when I started actually getting into them (lol) I used to look at actual shoes and just draw. Even now, most of the ideas come from this blog sweetsoles he has huge amounts of such awesome looking Jordans and Nikes and *shudders* all the good stuff.

To learn to draw shoes, really, just draw your own, look at some pictures, go outside and sketch. There’s no easier way to learn to draw anything other than observation and practice. 

I hope this helps :D
Please don’t hesitate to ask for more advice on anything, ok? :)


Harley Quinn Lipstick Tutorial: https://youtu.be/77L3xQSGo80