Buckle up ‪#‎Creampuffs‬ and get ready for the first of three Carmilla inspired Halloween How-To’s! The Cat-Eye!

Carrie went to the CMU (College of Makeup Art & Design) in Toronto to learn how to create the Carmilla Cat-Eye, the perfect black-eye bruise (from staying too late in the library), and a SFX wound (from tussling with centuries-old vampires).

Huge thanks the CMU for teaching us these techniques and for referring the lovely Taylor Vigneux to be the on-set Carmilla make up artist! Enjoy!

Untitled for now

Mercedes started cleaning up the classroom as she watched the little girl sit at her desk and color. She was a sweet little girl but was definitely showing signs that she may have to do the second grade again. Mercedes tried her best to help the child but she realized that there were more things going on then what she was discussing today with her parents. Especially since she’d been drawing some disturbing pictures. She requested a parent teacher conference when she realized that she couldn’t get the girl to speak. And it was almost November!

"Sarah, did you give your parents the letter I gave you?" Mercedes asked looking down at the little girl. Sarah looked at Mercedes with her big emerald green eyes and nodded before dropping her head back down to color again. She was definitely talented in that department though and she spent all day doing it as well. Mercedes sighed and tussled the little girls dirty blonde locks as she looked at the time. "I guess we’ll just give them a few more minutes."Mercedes said to herself just as a man ran in.

"Sorry I’m late… traffic and my boss wouldn’t let me leave early… but I’m here!" Mercedes looked up noticing a male replica of Sarah. He was definitely a looker. She had to catch herself as she admired the smile on his face. "I’m Sarah’s father, Sam Evans!" He reached out to shake her hand.

"Mr. Evans, pleasure to meet you! I’m Mercedes Jones her teacher!"she shook his hand noticing the wedding ring on it. "Is Mrs. Evans joining us?" She asked. Suddenly Sarah looked up and looked at her dad.

"No… No… she’s… It’s just me today!" He replied as he sat down. "She’s away at this moment." Mercedes nodded and noticed the frown on Sarah’s face.

"Okay well… I just want to start off saying Sarah’s extremely talented… especially in art!" Mercedes started as she leaned on her desk. Sam looked over at his daughter and smiled. "The problem is I can’t get her to do anything else but draw. She never speaks… I don’t even know what her voice sounds like to be honest." Mercedes chuckled before continuing. "I’ve tried everything I could so now I’m reaching out to you and your wife to see if we can come up with something to help her."

"I see… I…I didn’t know this was going on…" He looked over at his daughter again as she looked at him then shamefully looked away. "I work a lot of hours and I don’t really have enough time in the day…" He sighed loudly. "Sarah, why are you not cooperating with Mrs. Jones?"

"Ms. Jones…" She corrected.

"I’m sorry…" He apologized and walked over to his daughter. "What’s going on, Sarah?" She shrugged and continued to color.

"That’s usually all I get from her!" Mercedes said walking over. "You said that you’re really busy, what about her mother? Is she able to-"

"My mom’s in prison!" Sarah said cutting her off. Mercedes was so shocked to hear the little girl speak that she couldn’t even respond. Sam looked at his daughter then dropped his head. It was all starting to make sense to her. All the drawings she’d seen Sarah draw of a woman in chains, stripes, sad, crying or herself looking sad.
“Mr. Evans?” Mercedes said. Sam looked up at her with the saddest eyes she’d ever seen. “We can… umm… reschedule this…”
“That would be great! I’ll talk to Sarah!” He said taking his daughter by the hand and walking out of the classroom with her things in his hands.


Okay this just randomly came to me. And it’s probably going to be a one shot maybe not. I’m going to finish it on let me know what y’all think. 😩 I don’t have a title yet… Any suggestions?


earlier, en route

manning street

market share yams on angell street.  I think.  I don’t even know with any certainty. but I think. therefore I yam.

thinking about Summer, and Riley and Carter and their people.  

thinking about what we get to choose to do and be and how we struggle against our better and lesser selves.

thinking about trying harder to try less.

thinking about: it’s thursday.  it’s not sunday.  how someone never knew what day it was before so why would he now? but with such clarity assert it’s sunday because yesterday couldn’t have been wednesday.  or so.

about cleaning products I’d never known and now utilize in a daily tussle against the almighty germ.  but not hand sanitizer because then the terrorists win.  the germ terrorists not the terrorist terrorists and not the fear-mongering media’s terrorists.  just nasty funky what’s that thing I’m sniffing somewhere germ.  that one.  and its cousins. and all its sniffy generations,

about the blues and chicken: how two of our good musician fiends bring chicken.  and mr van ronk’s rendition of chicken is nice.  which we often (though just recently not as often or always) sing when eating chicken.  

about the elongation of time and energy and suspension of normal operations. and the hope of the love of far flung community.

azureoverland said:

Someone said something about teasing from demon!dean. Then, Sam is on his laptop and trying to ignoring the tail that continues to slap lightly on his back as he and his brother sat on the couch. Then that evil tail snakes in his shirt and wiggles itself in his armpits and he grunts and can't help the smile that pulls on his face and went to grab it, but Dean suddenly pounces and there's a small tussle until Dean's pinned Sam and his tail continues wiggling in his pit and Sam is screaming//flees

And Sam’s sort of on the verge of giggly panic, because for as often as he and Dean have wrestled and playfully attacked one another, Dean has never been this much stronger than him since back when Dean was in his early teens. But even back then, Dean had never been able to pin Sam limb for limb and then still have an extra appendage to work with. The feeling of helplessness only makes it worse, and that black-eyed smirk Dean’s giving him certainly doesn’t help matters either. (◠‿◠✿)



 anonymous said:

Demon!Dean just being all snarky even while Cas is totally tickling the snot out of him and Cas just keeps going. Sam takes a peek, skakes his head and walks out saying, “he just doesn’t learn…”

Ugh, that’s exactly how it would go down, too. It’s just a part of demon!Dean’s personality to be sassy and inflammatory, not to mention how by now he’s probably freely mentioned to Cas that he sorta likes it anyway (accompanied by plenty of flirty gestures). So Cas has absolutely no problem being merciless. Dean’s laughing louder and harder than Sam has ever heard him, but there’s not a single shout of protest among any of it. If anything, Dean’s verbal jabs are just getting more creative. Sam can tell which ones make Cas roll his eyes the hardest, because the laughter spikes into a scream before tumbling back down into mere hysterics.

He just hopes Cas gets bored by nightfall so Sam can actually get some sleep.


I think I’ll continue to love these happy bunker demon!Dean snippets and headcanons for a long time to come. :)

(Reminder that spoilery asks will not be published for at least several days after the relevant episode has aired. Not that these were really spoilery for anything related to actual canon, I was just late answering them. But friendly reminder. Yeah.)

For wearitcounts. Based on her fic Absolution. I don’t normally draw angst so this was a great way to stretch my artistic muscles. These little shits and their lack of communication. <3


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