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The quizzes have been analyzed and Cupid is finally here to announce (or text) who your character will be spending Valentine’s Day with according to the answers we’ve received.

Below you’ll find all the pairings:

  • Adriana Devereaux & Duke Hudson & Nova Lisbon
  • Aggie Stewart & Trevor DuChamp
  • Alaska Henderson & Pink Floyd
  • Alexandra Michalchuk & Aiden Newbury & Violet Saugis
  • Alice Johnson-Reynolds & Riley Benson & Poppy McNichols
  • Amber Stratford & Calvin James
  • Archie Von Tussel & Chuck Daniels
  • Audrey Whittemore & Pete Verona
  • Axel Baldwin & Travis Perkins
  • Blair Bueller & Branford Willis
  • Bunny Chadwell & Wesley Dallas
  • Carson Morris & Nixon Peters
  • Carter St. Laurent & Keegan Dolsen
  • Cassandra Maston & Cliff Penderghast
  • Cecily Lisbon & Paxton Morgan
  • Chloe Grantwood & Stefan McKibbon & Tinsley Chadwell
  • Colette Mendez & Ram Sweeney
  • Cordelia Shea & Kit Curtis & Jade Rodriguez
  • Dakota Bowie & Mickey Argent
  • Delilah Floyd & Jason Bender
  • Effy Baker & Casey Saunders
  • Frances Ford & Harry Weinstein
  • Gillian Kelly & Tweety Goldberg
  • Gwyn Woods & Tyler Fontana
  • Harper Shivers & Brodie Balcoin
  • Imogen Cole & Camden Chambers
  • Jack Welch & Holden Deaton
  • Jessie Rodriguez & Leo Jackson
  • Joelle Farkas & Lennon Carroll
  • Jolene Kramer & Penn Orville
  • Juno Van Der Bilt & Tom Andwood
  • Kate Mumford & Nathan Paris
  • Kennedy Marceaux & Matty Campbell
  • Lana Hearst & Seth Hammond
  • Lark Mumford & Perrie Curtis
  • Lucy Burns & Mimi Hall
  • Matilda Wormwood & Tate Birkenstock
  • Montgomery Clifton & Two-Bit Montgomery
  • Naomi Diniro & Jace Cole
  • October Addams & Ray Garcia & Taissa Fray
  • Olivia Duncan & Kendall Myers
  • Rosie Harwood & Kid Grantwood
  • Sage Blackwell & Darren Lahey
  • Serena Hayes & Greg LaChance
  • Shoshana Davis & Lincoln Larkin
  • Soren Hawkins & Wyatt Saugis
  • Teagan Parkinson & Scott Curtis
  • Tessa Lisbon & Mitchell Kramer
  • Tori Shipman & Landon Saverin

Now the pairings have been revealed, go ahead and seek out your significant other. Later tonight we’ll be posting all of the information on our Valentine’s Day event. 

\\ birthday present // #selfie
  • t a g g i n g : mentions of Monty Montgomery, Archie Von Tussel, Jade Rodriguez.
  • t i m e f r a m e : Thursday, February 19th 
  • l o c a t i o n :  Colette’s dorm room.
  • n o t e s : For those wondering who exactly that GB blast was referring to.

Colette looked down at the silver platter, wondering who was on that USB. Say what you will about the gossip blog, but it sure had a flare for the theatrics. It usually gave her life, but after the Jocelyn incident, she wasn't really a stan for it anymore. So receiving a silver platter from some guy in a suit letting her know that he was sent by G.B. definitely sent a chill up her spine. 

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Sole-kissed pavement savors the state of the heart.

Too free to be bound, loose-leaf entries catch wind and scatter.

They…float about…in…and…out…

Of consciousness.

You can’t three hole punch them.

Too deep to be carried, some roll away.

They decompose, fresh soil, seeds for growth.

Or light and lovely they’ll tussel your hair and drift off sweetly until-

revisited consciousness.

Trotting with the breath.

You don’t need a pen to write.


     "And If I fly or if I fall, at least I can say I gave it all."

Parents: Archie Von Tussel & Linc Larkin

Date of Birth: February 14th

Hometown: Rosewood, Illinois

Sports: Track, Lacrosse

Classes: AP French Language, Film History, tbd.

Rosewood House: Wellington

  • Being Archie’s son meant that Wren barely heard the word growing up and the term spoiled was thrown around whenever the boy was brought up. But unlike his father, Wren is rather levelheaded and far from the dramatic type as possible. Which has a lot to do with the other people who influenced him growing up.
  • Wren has always kept his circle of friends rather small, mostly because he isn’t keen on bringing too many people around his family, mainly due to the excentriness of ‘the fashion editor’ his term for Archie. Though it might appear they aren’t close, Wren looks up to his father knowing whenever he needs help figuring out a life situation, his father will drop whatever it is and come to his aide.
  • Wren spends most of his time on the field, sports are his passion and it’s an excuse to hang out with the bros. Though unlike many of his teammates, Wren has absolutely no idea what he wants to do with the future. A fact he’s had to swallow whenever the conversation is brought up and he knows he can only flash his abs so many times before people catch on to his avoiding tactics.
  • Wren is a grudge holder, and though he is fair, once someone pisses him off, he’s likely to stay that for a very long time. It also doesn’t help that he inherited his father’s temper and a decent right hook.
  • His main goal currently is to pass classes, get drunk and get over his string of failed relationships. WIth both an ex boyfriend and girlfriend, the drama is plenty and he’s taken to keeping his distance from those who come on a bit too strong. Settling down is the last thing on his mind, but it never lasts for long until one bad choice is made and he’s forced to deal with it. Usually by pawning off the ‘flavor of the week’ to one of his bros. Not exactly decent, but he’s never been good at handling awkward.
  • He’s very close to his sister, but doesn’t exactly show it all the time in public, though his loyalty will never be questioned when it comes to keeping her safe. The guys in Rosewood could be scum, something he knew from personal experience, and if a line was cross, a punch was thrown. 
  • At times he’s a perfect blend of both his fathers, but for the most part he tries to be his own guy. Not that he won’t be the first to use his last name to get his way, and if all else fails, there is his grandmother to get the job done. 

✓ Chill, honest, spontaneous

✘ Sarcastic, secretive, stubborn,

  • Olive Von Tussel - Sister
  • River Baldwin - Ex Fuckboy

Want to plot with bb Wren? Hmu.

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[text]: Woah, when have I ever lied to you? I've never lied. Everything I've ever told you has happened... or will happen one day. I wouldn't mind going down there, no school for a week and a half, why not? Gladly. But what's troubling you, young gorgeous one? [text]: I'd like someone to ruin Wren Von Tussel. Can that happen?

[text] Never have and hopefully never will. You know I depend on you to be real with me. If you weren’t who knows where the hell i’d be. Doesn’t make your stories any less crazy though. A week and a half? More like for the rest of the year please. Me? Oh nothing. Just the usual. Stuck here, shit luck with guys, and shittier auditions.

[text] Possibly. I may have a couple of connections. What happened now? I thought you were past him?


Parents: Lincoln Larkin and Archie Von Tussel
Siblings: Wren Von Tussel (17)
Date of Birth: December 7
Hometown: Rosewood, IL  
Sports: Ice Dancing
Major: Applied Mathematics
Rosewood House: Wellington Alum

♔ biography;

  • Born to a Grammy-winning singer-songwriter and the editor-in-chief of one of the largest fashion publications wasn’t an easy life to be born into. Sure, there were nice perks. She got the opportunity to wear clothing some could only dream of. She got free tickets and backstage access to shows. She couldn’t complain. However, it also meant having one father who would suddenly stop doing whatever he was doing to search frantically for a notebook and his lucky pen, or whatever superstition he had that week.  The other would often be off at work, or if he was home, answering phone calls with a fury unparalleled. To say their home life was eccentric was an understatement.
  • Family is incredibly important to her. Even if her parents are a little…unusual and her little brother has more messes to clean up than a sewage department.
  • Growing up, she was involved with dance, softball, figure skating, and soccer. Since then she’s quit all of those sports and taken her dance and figure skating experience and competes as an ice dancer. Papa’s side of the family is pretty pleased with the decision.
  • Throughout her life, after being compared to both of her fathers far too frequently, Olive decided she wouldn’t go near the career path of music or fashion. The idea that there was even a chance that she would continue living in the shadow of her successful parents seemed repulsive. So, instead she decided to pursue something completely different: Math.
  • Olive pursues success in whatever ways she possibly can. However, once it becomes clear that she will not be one of the best or will not excel to her ridiculously high self-imposed standards, she’ll quit whatever she was involved in. She expects only the best from herself and anything less than that is not worth having. Luckily, she has far more forgiveness for other people. Other than her ice dancing partner, that is.
  • She competes under the name “Olive Von Lark” rather than Von Tussel to avoid comparisons to her Dad. Even if there are some strong resemblances.

+; Outgoing, Social, Confident, Loyal, Hard-Working
-; Disorganized, Impatient, Selective, Blunt

♔ relations;
• Wren Von Tussel - Little Brother. Pain In The Ass. Confidante.

Sooooo, this beautiful little girl just happens to be one of my best friends in the frickin world and i could not have, in a million years, asked for anything better… Even though we may have our little tussels I love you with everything in me… I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day ugly. Love you #OkayBye #NoMoreMushiness #ImOnlyALittleTipNevermind