wolfscat said:

Can't believe Im doing this but, just wanted to tell you that your blog is fucking awesome and you reblog quality stuff. Your taste in comics is great, you should read Invincible (it's fucking awesome). Kay. Bai. >-<

I can’t believe I’m getting this message in the midst of a butt touching spam but THANK YOU and I have actually been meaning to pick that one up but I don’t honestly know if I can handle more teenagers with superpowers breaking my heart all over the place.  when I do check it out I will probably come yell my emotions at you just so you know.


top gun au ayyyy

So I was listening to the Topgun soundtrack right after Diggy Diggy Hole, and started pairing things up

Lewis “Firefly” Brindley and his wingman Duncan “Goggleboy” Jones

Sjin “Farmerboy” Sykes and his wingman Sips “Dirtydog” Lovasz

Hannah ” Featherweight” Rutherford, super duper PhD in astrophysics cutie that Firefly totally crushes on

Kim “Purplepaint” Richards (likes to tinker with the planes and ends up covered in oil n shit) partnered up with Simon “Pickaxe” Lane

Rival team comprising of Alsmithy, Ross and Trott, “Green Dynamite, Marble Marvel and Tusky” respectively

I couldn’t think of anymore half decent ones (aside from Treeboy for Martyn) so please add on if you have any

Forgive me! There is something wrong with me today!
So I wrote a smut wit Amaimon and Arcus and now this!
I need help…

(Psst… mephisto-oneandonly this is kind like the submission meme thingy about sexy poses thingy. I can’t send it to the submit box because mobile and stuff….)

I always picture Tuski to be one of those girls who try so hard that it looks so cute. Or the “notice me Senpai” type of girl.

TwT forgive me…… I’m a mess…..

Forgive me! Please… I had the urge to… draw this…..
Forgive me mephisto-oneandonly, I don’t mean to bother you with this….. But I would love to see Mephisto’s reaction to this…
Ignore me!!!

I need some help…..

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niittehä siel koulus pitäis opettaa sua, et tuski siel kukaa miettii et "lol kui tyhmä" koska se on iha normaalii ettei kaikki heti osaa kaikkee tai jotain. ja jos pelottaa luokkalaisten reaktiot ni kysy vaik opettajalt henk.koht. c:

tuntuu et opettajatki pitää mua idioottina D: tai sitte mulla vaan on oikeesti nii vääristyny ajatusmaailma. sit jotenki tuntuu et kaikki muut meidän luokalta osaa jo melkee kaiken, ja mä tyyliin opettelen sitä “mistänappulastatapahtuumitäkin”-paskaa. muutenki oon ihan ulalla. se avuttomuus on niin kiusallista. ja haluaisin kyl oppia mut satun vaa olee niin tyhmä et kaikki pitäis näyttää kädestä pitäen.

tbh ehkä se kokkiala ois sittenki sopinu mulle paremmin. tai sit ei.

Didn’t come out the way I wanted it to because I fucked up.
I accidentally merged the line layer with the colour layer before shading. So I could undo it, so I highlighted it. So yeah..
Tuski, the shy teacher who sends love notes to the principle of True Cross Academy, Mephisto. {Aka mephisto-oneandonly}
A little pin-up. I think I’ll do another few of her.
Enjoy her! Stare at her if you want to.

Watch on sanniesanford.tumblr.com

Nairobi Traffic Flow #hyperlapse #seekenya (at Tuskys T-Mall)

A (maybe) final summer drawing.
Not sure. School is going to be starting soon I think.
So I did a sketch of a pin-up of Tuski.
She is the shy teacher at True-Cross Academy, that sends love notes to the Principle, Mephisto
Aka. mephisto-oneandonly
She is innocent and sweet. Don’t take her body to a whole other level.
I think this will be finished by tonight, I think.

if you want to talk about plot stuff for a little while from now when tusky gets back, my skype is kori.jotunn

or just message me here