ang feeling na..

Miss na miss ko na xa.

Paggising ko nagpeprepare na si ate kasi darating na BF nya at pupuntah sila SM.tinawagan ko si asawa at sabing kakain na ako maya2.

nahigahiga muna ako bago bumangon, pagbangon ko pumuntah na ako hapag-kainan,

wala pa ulam, tinawag ko si ate lhen pra magpaluto, habang naghihintay tinawagan ko

ulit si asawa pra kamustahin, maya2 pa ee nagpaalam na ako at kakain na dahil tapos

na maluto ang pagkain.. kumain ako.after ko kumain nagpaalam ko ulit ke asawa na maliligo na ako… naligo,nagbihis,nagtoothbrush at muling tumawag kay asawa,

"asawa magTatumBlr na po ako." ahaha.. Un lang.

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Lucina really needed to take a breather today; after all the battles and training, arguments with her little brother, and even more anxiety because of everyone’s possible doom in the future.

With a sigh, she decided to retire foe the night. She trudged over to her tent right after dinner, not stopping to talk to anyone she passed by. She was too tired for this. The princess wearily lifted the room flap, yawning before walking inside.

Lucina was absolutely exhausted, and she gratefully slide into her pale blue nightgown, leaving her clothes on the floor without a care in the world. With no hesitation, the princess flopped onto her bed. Her blue hair strewn about over the pillow and sheets, she pulled the covers up close to her face, relishing in their warmth.

But then she remembered, and she sat up once more. Groaning at her incompetence, she struggled to force her body to get up again. She stretched out once finally out of bed and searched through her drawers, eager to find his gift. Finally, she found the small box, and she grasped it tightly in her hands.

Her father’s tent was not very far away, and once she’d stumbled through the darkness long enough, it came into view. The tent’s flap was opened, and there stood Chrom, already in his pajamas and standing near his bed.

"Father!" she yawned, once again. "Here, I’ve…I bought this for you." Lucina blushed before handing him the box.


Brick is an amazing, smart, witty film filled with clever lingo and it really keeps you guessing. 

The main charactor Brendan, gets a call from his ex, Emily, who he really loved. She calls and seems scared and is tusing terms that Brendan hadn’t understood. Something about a brick or bad brick.

Brendan loved her but she couldn’t stay with him because she couldn’t stand how he was anymore. She wanted to get in with the people high up in a lifestyle that wasn’t good for her.

He gets help from his friend pretty often throughout the film and nearly everyone in the movie use these clever slang phrases and metaphores throughout the movie that I love.  

 ”So now we’ve shaken the tree. Let’s wait and see what falls on our heads.”

 When the “Upper-Crust” does shady deeds, they do them all over town, and the pitch is, they got these little symbols so they can tell each without word getting around.

This is a great watch for movie enthusiest! 

The story behind the Picture. 

Lee: “if I cannot lift my friends 1,000 times then it is 5,000 sit-ups. That was the deal.”
Kankuro: “Why am I at the bottom with the brow-kid?”
Shikamaru: “how troublesome. Can you put me down now?”
Akamaru: “Arf!”
Kiba: “Geeze Hinata! Your boobs must have made you heavy!”
Hinata: *gasp!* “Kiba kun!!”
Chouji: “Why is everybody’s knees on my shoulders!?”
Neji: “Damnit who’s ass did I just grab!?”
Chouji: “MINE!

Ino: “Get your knee out of my back billboard-brow!”
Temari: “Sai get your hand off my ass!!!:
Sai: ” No way I’m taking advantage of this while I can!”
Sakura: “Naruto! Your crotch is rubing againt my shoulder!”
Ten Ten: “OMG i’m gonna fall!!”
Shino: “Naruto, please move your ass a little to the left.”
Naruto: “Yea! Top of the pile! Datte bayo!!
Gaara: “You are all morons.”

Gata cu medicamentele! Iata cum prepari un leac de la bunica impotriva tusei! VIDEO

Urmatorul filmulet te va face pur si simplu sa uiti de medicamentele contra tusei si te va invata sa prepari singur un leac de la bunica.

Reteta prezentata in aceste imagini este foarte usor de preparat, iar rezultatul e cu totul surprinzator.

Exista numeroase remedii naturiste impotriva racelii sau tusei si acestea ne amintesc, uneori, de leacurile bunicii.

Vezi VIDEO pe sanatate.caplimpede.ro!

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Lima, 29 de enero del 2015

Más de 700 niños y jóvenesparticiparán mañana en actividades recreativas y deportivas organizadas por laDirección de Seguridad del Estado-PNP.

 Niños yjóvenes que serán nuestros próximos deportistas de elite empiezan a prepararse bajo las órdenes de destacados profesores en el semillero del Club “Amigos de la Policía”.

 Este magno evento es auspiciado por la Dirección de Seguridad del Estado de la PNP a cargo del General PNP Carlos Tuse Lloclla, en el marco de su programa anual, “Vacaciones Útiles Verano 2015”, donde participaran más de 700 niños y adolescentes de la familia policial y comunidad en general.

 Disciplinas deportivas como fútbol, natación, kung fu y aeróbicos se iniciaran a partir de mañana 30 de enero y continuaran de lunes a viernes desde las 9 de la mañana hasta la una de la tarde, en el complejo policial, Juan Benites Luna, ubicado en el Rímac.

Además de las actividades deportivas también habrá bailes de marinera, lando, negroide y un número sorpresa.

 La inauguración de este certamen  contará con la asistencia de Oficiales, Generales integrantes del comando policial, entre ellos del General PNP Carlos Tuse Lloclla, Director de Seguridad del Estado.

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