Turgon Turukano, King of Gondolin, and *deep breath* Finrod Findarato Ingoldo Artafinde Nom (did I get them all?)(Edit: I FORGOT FELAGUND OH GOD HOW COULD I FORGET FELAGUND), as requested by finrodthefaithful and someone else I don’t remember :( Hope you like it!!

Edit: the other requester was anonymous :P

They’re practicing their duelling. I originally meant for this to be taking place in Valinor, but that doesn’t make any sense for a bunch of reasons. So, use your imagination.

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Oh and everyone please applaud the fact I tried to make Turgon’s sword resemble Glamdring, even though they should have been using practice blades. Oh well.


'Now the thought of Morgoth dwelt ever upon Turgon; for Turgon had escaped him, of all his foes that one whom he most desired to take or destroy…for of old in Valinor his eye had lighted upon him, and whenever he drew near a shadow had fallen on his spirit, foreboding that in some time that yet lay hidden, from Turgon ruin should come to him.' - Of the Fifth Battle, The Silmarillion.

Turgon, by Filat

Artist’s Note: ‘I wanted the portrait to show the many aspects of Turgon somehow.. he could be a benevolent father and king, but also a solemn judge and high priest. Old and wise, yet a strong and formidable warrior. Sometimes stubborn, proud and quick to anger like most of the Noldor, yet cautious and prudent.. weighing his actions carefully and considering the welfare of his people. A wise ruler and a great artist.. one of the greatest architects in Middle-earth too. All these were the impressions I drew my inspiration from. And this is how I believe he looked like when Tuor first saw him.. as the king of Gondolin and High King of all the Noldor in Exile.

It’s a shame that Tolkien never finished the new version of Tuor and the Fall of Gondolin, but some ideas can be found in his notes. There Turgon is described as “tallest of all the Children of the World, save Thingol” and he’s said to have worn white and gold and carried a sword in an ivory scabbard. White, ceremonial robes is what I chose to draw for him.. and feathers and wings seem like a good theme for the Gondolindrim as a reminder of Vinyamar and sea birds.. as well as the Eagles that guard their mountainous borders.’

Turgon Aran Gondolin, by aautio