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Most of us anti-gamergate people are actually gamers ourselves. We just believe games are an art form that can and should be critiqued, instead of a consumer product that can only be reviewed by measuring usability and functionality.

Games exist as both an art form and a consumer product. to us, the gamers, and the people who make them, they are, for the most part, art (I personally don’t believe that ALL games are art. Like movies, some games are just mindless entertainment, and there’s nothing wrong with that). to the companies that publish them, and the stores that sell them, they are product.
Video games are both of these things, more so to the gamer than anyone else, as we are the consumer. Art or no, we still have to go out and drop a ton of money on these things. A game can have the best story in the world, but if the gameplay isn’t there, then its just not worth playing for the majority of gamers.

I think we need to establish the difference between Review and Critique, because they are not the same thing (not when applied to video games, anyway), and it’s becoming more and more apparent that people don’t seem to understand this.

There’s a time and a place for personal opinions regarding real or imagined political aspects of a game, and a game REVIEW is not one of them. If they want to go ahead and publish an opinion piece separate from the review, dissecting and examining the game and talking about it’s various aspects outside it’s existence as a game, and call that a critique, then all power to them. Hell, I’ve done that a few times my self over on my other blog in regards to aspects of Pokemon and Zelda games, but that is not a review. keep that crap separate from an actual professional game review. Personal feelings should not effect the score a reviewer gives a game, because as a product, if a game functions as its supposed to, then that’s all that matters.

Gameplay, Visuals, Sound, Plot (if it’s a story based narrative). that’s all that should affect a game’s score when being reviewed as a product

I mean, imagine if a reviewer gave a game like Mario a bad score because he stomps on turtles, and the reviewer is an animal rights activist in their spare time, or just likes turtles a bunch, and the depiction of animal cruelty/Man on turtle violence offended them. that shit has no place in a professional game review. If that same reviewer wants to talk about that subject later on, separate from their review, Or if someone does JUST that, and doesn’t review games at all, then nobody should have a problem with that, so long as they’re not talking out their ass and making shit up to push their pro-turtle agenda. But don’t call it a game review, because it’s not.
Why should it be any different for any other political aspect of a game, real or imagined?

Review a game as a product, or critique it as a piece of art. Doesn’t matter, but keep the two separate.

Real talk for a second here.

In practise, I’m against eugenics.

Admittedly, that doesn’t really have a history of ending well.  Especially for, you know, Jews.  Deciding who can and can’t reproduce is probably bad.

But if you murder your turtle and pitch a childish, histrionic shitfit as a supposedly grown-ass adult when someone says, “Hey dude, you murdered that turtle”?

We probably don’t really need more of you.



"Does anyone know if the Eastern Box turtle is protected in Oklahoma? If so I didn't just swerve to the shoulder of the road to smash one..." - Blake Shelton

      Later, after this tweet was posted, Shelton apologized and said that he never hit a turtle. But even if he didn’t hit one, what kind of asshole thinks a joke like that is funny? Blake, you’ve got something wrong with you.

      But I do have a question for everyone. If there was a turtle in the road, would you stop your car and move it so that it wouldn’t get hurt?

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[VIDEO] Conan O’Brien gets an exclusive sneak peak at Michael Bay’s TMNT reboot


Onision is beating a dead horse (or turtle).

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[VIDEO] [NSFW] That Guy with the Glasses (Doug Walker) offers a comic opinion as to why we all should be on board for Michael Bay’s TMNT

[UPDATE] Bay's "Turtlegate" Causes Rift Between Ex-Turtle Cast

Sides are being drawn in the pro/anti-Bay “Turtlegate.” According to IGN.com:

'Robbie Rist, who voiced Michaelangelo, posted a letter to Bay that said the filmmaker was “sodomizing” the beloved franchise with his alien approach. Said Rist, “I know believing in mutated talking turtles is kinda silly to begin with but am I supposed to be led to believe there are ninjas from another planet? The rape of our childhood memories continues…”' - IGN

On the other side of the fence, Brian Tochi, Leonardo’s voice actor in the ’90s movie stated:

"If Michael Bay wants to of a different take on the turtles origin story… mazel tov!" - TMZ

Along with Tochi, original April O’Neil actress Judith Hoag says she’s excited about Bay’s take on the turtles but also stated the following:

"I was in ‘Armageddon’… which Michael directed… as well as ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’ and ‘I Am Number Four’ which he produced." - TMZ

Now, what could really settle this debate would be original Donatello voice actor, Corey Feldman’s take on the situation!

If you are not up to speed, the other day, Michael Bay announced that the movie reboot would see the TMNT as part of an alien race.

Shortly after, Bay made a public statement telling fans to “chill.”

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Word has it that casting for Michael Bay’s ‘Ninja Turtles’ has begun in Vancouver.

The following details come via The Province:

"Word in casting and pre-production circles around town is that the big-screen reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is heading to Vancouver for a late summer or early fall filming start

Details of the plot via IMDB:

The movie is scheduled to hit theatres December 2013. Here’s the imdb one-liner on plot: “Aliens invade Earth and inadvertently spawn a quartet of mutated reptile warriors, the Ninja Turtles, who rise up against them to defend the world.”

via The Province

[UPDATE] Turtlegate: TMNT Title Change

Michael Bay has released a statement on his official blog announcing that the new TMNT movie will simply be titled “Ninja Turtles:”

"Paramount marketing changed the name. They made the title simple. The characters you all remember are exactly the same, and yes they still act like teenagers. Everything you remember, why you liked the characters, is in the movie. This script is being developed by two very smart writers, with one of the original creators of Ninja Turtles. They care VERY MUCH about making this film for the fans. Everyone on this team cares about the fans. Just give them a chance. Jonathan the director, is a major fan of the whole franchise. HE’S NOT GOING TO LET YOU DOWN." - Michael Bay, Official Blog

News comes via Jim Vejvoda at IGN.com

[UPDATE] TMNT Co-Creator Brands Bay's Alien Idea 'Genius'

According to AceShowBiz, TMNT co-creator Peter Laird recently took a stance on Bay’s “Turtlegate" on his blog:

"I have has several requests from ‘TMNT’  fans doing this past week to comment on the idea of the Turtles being ‘reimagined’ as aliens for the upcoming ‘TMNT’ movie to be produced by Michael Bay… A few people, who don’t seem to understand that I am no longer in control of the property, want me to stop this somehow. Obviously, I can’t do that, even if I wanted to… I would actually encourage ‘TMNT’ fans to swallow the ‘chill pill’ Mr. Bay recently suffused they take, and wait and see what might come out of this seemingly ill-conceived plan… It’s possible that with enough truly creative brainpower to this idea, it might actually whorl. I’m saying it’s probable, or even somewhat likely… but it IS possible… However, as I have pondered this further, I have realized that in one way it IS truly a genius notion… Anyway, to get back to the ‘TMNT are aliens’ thing, the reason I say it could be a ‘genius idea is that, for the first time, someone has come up with a way to have as many freakin’ Turtles as they want. I mean, if the ‘TMNT’ are actually members of an alien race, there could be a while PLANET of them! Joy." - Peter Laird, Peter Laird’s TMNT Blog

There you have it. One of the two co-creators is speaking out.

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