#ICYMI: We’ve been featuring the MY PUBLIC LANDS MAGAZINE, SPRING 2015!

The Spring issue of My Public Lands magazine provides articles about outdoor adventures from across BLM.

Idaho takes you on an eagle viewing adventure near Coeur d’Alene, and visitors to Utah in winter can take part in some world-class birding opportunities. The Colorado State Office writes about its backcountry ski slopes, and the Oregon State Office tells us about the management of a recreational snow trail area that caters to a variety of winter enthusiasts.

Where can you find the only logger-head turtle nesting area managed by the BLM? That distinction belongs to Eastern States, which provides a breezy overview of its management the beach at Gulf Shores, Alabama.

As you might imagine many BLM-managed areas heat up, when the rest of the country is cooling down. Such is the case with Red Rock Canyon in Nevada, the Organ Mountain-Desert Peaks in New Mexico, and a long-term camping area in Quartzsite, Arizona. Each of these provides opportunities for the public to get out and enjoy their public lands.  As it says on the cover of the magazine – it’s your passport to America’s outdoors.

Plan your next trip and enjoy the full online version of the My Public Lands Magazine, Spring 2015. For more photos of each location, visit our My Public Lands Flickr.

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