Got a chance to check out the Lazy Rich show last night at the Pyramid.

I got in around 11:15 when Tyler Crichton was killing it. An awesome electro set with some dubstep near the end, a perfect mix. And his set mostly his own tracks if not all his own, I was super impressed.

Lazy Rich hit the decks with no intro track or anything fancy, just a 4x4 beat booming away, getting straight into the electro beats. It would have been nice to see him put a little thought into his intro track but that’s just me. His set was pretty flat, mixing was pretty slack, waited until the bitter end before mixing the track out… Some wicked electro bangers here and there, but i guess i was hoping for something spectacular and didn’t quite get it. I wouldn’t say i was disappointed but i wasn’t fully satisfied either.

The visuals were done by Onion Union and were awesome all night long. Not my style personally but it was great to watch something different. Never a dull moment on the screens. Great job guys

Overall it was a great night, the place was packed but not to the point of it being overcrowded. Good times had by all, big ups to bassface, looking forward to the next one!