Monday afternoon. Sitting on the deck as the sun sets, beer in hand. Dinner’s in the oven and my man is on his way home from work.

Sometimes I feel like I’m not living my life to its full potential. “I am 20 years old working a casual job in retail,” I say. But then I think — that’s right! I am 20! There is no rush! One day I will find what I really love to do and I will do it! But for now… Happiness? That’s what I’m living every single day. Regardless of where my life is headed, I am happy. And that is the most important thing in the world.
Sometimes it’s not always easy to see the positives when everyday is a constant struggle. To get a job, or to find an apartment, or even just to get out of the house every now and then. But to anyone who is reading this - it’s not the end of the world! You are amazing and you are fantastic and one day you will be able to see the positives, even if they aren’t clear to you now. You are loved and you are you. So keep on shining.

I bought this beautiful bracelet a few days ago at Hamburg’s Retrofair and it’s an original piece from the 30’s (at least that’s what the seller told me ^^). Well, I’m so in love with it that I wanted to create a make up look inspired by it’s design. That’s why I’m posing like an awkward watch model in these pics (-‿◦) ~(‾⌣‾~).

°˖ ✧ looks of 2014 ✧˖ °

At first I want to wish you guys a happy new year and I hope that 2015 will be awesome for all of you ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧!

Well, sorry for spamming you with so many pics of myself lately but I wanted to make a collage of all the looks I did and liked the most of 2014 (organized in the seasons I took the pics, from January which is the first pic to December the last -‿◦). Well, there’s a lot of costume stuff included but for some people it would all be costume looks, so who cares (๑^ں^๑). I have to say that 2014 was one of the most exciting, difficult, saddest but also happiest years I’ve ever had when not the most (if that makes any sense ^^). When the first two pics were taken I was still living in Shanghai which was such a great but sometimes also terrifying experience. Furthermore, last year some very close friendships of mine were destroyed which was a very hard thing for me to deal with but even if it’s hurtful it’s always better to see the true face of a person than the false imagination you have of them. Though despite all the drama I had with some people I also met a lot of kind and generous ones and made a lot of new friends. I also want to include that I even met someone I really like and genuinely care about. So, in the end I can look back at 2014 and say that everything bad happened for a reason and that I progressed and I’m a happier person now than I ever was before ʘ‿ʘ. Ok, enough of my personal stuff ^^.

Hope you’re all full of hope for 2015.

It will be a great year as well ୧། ☉ ౪ ☉ །୨!