Das EFX Pratice Session <3

Grandmaster Flash performing live in Vancouver. Shouts to @fortunesound for having me document this special event. A super fun DJ I felt I was in the 1980’s. He is world famous for a reason now I know why he is the fore father of hip hop culture. I have never see a set like this his mixing, scratching, tricks, shouts to the crowd he really impressed the people and we were live he dug it extremely #hiphopmemory #neverforgotten #realhiphop #epicset #grandmasterflash #noonedoesitlikethis #turntablisim #putsdjsintheirplace #learnfromyourdad #noposerdjs #vinyl #dontfront #thearchivest #vancouver #bronx #nyc

Back in 2001 I was just released from a Psychiatric unit. Part of the conditions of my release was I attended a local teen peer support group called Operation Snow Ball. The day after my release, I had met Mels. She was 13 and I was 16.

A few months into our friendship we were in my mothers basement listening to Blackmoon and I was flipping through one of my brothers magazines and saw this ad for Turntables. My big brother had been djing for a lot of years now, and would NEVER let me anywhere near his turntables. I was griping about this to her.

She says “How cool would it be if we had turntables”

I had replied “Yeah! Do you think I should get a pair?”

Mels said “Girl yes! That would be too cool!! Do it!

And 2 years I had.

I was at a local community center that I volunteered at (well mostly to get away from my parents) and I was cleaning one of the equipment rooms. Organizing things, writing up an inventory system and making room to have me an office :D

So under this huge pile of boxes and other busted up stuff, I saw these two big crates. They looked just like the one’s my brother used to lug around to parties!! I pulled one of them out and opened it up, sure enough, it was a Technics SL-1200 Mk2! So excited I drug the other one out, and set them up on the table side by side and in complete awe, just started at them grinning like crazy!

I ended up hiding them in a loft in the building, and started asking around about if we ever had turntables, did they work, how did we get them. Finally I find out it was a donation from a local dj who used to throw parties there. That they had not been used in years, boxed up and forgotten about. The lady mentioned that someone might have already taken them, being that we never used them but once.

So I tell her I actually found them and really like them. She said “Oh those are old, you don’t want those” but I let her know I really really did. I said how about I un-donate them, make a cash donation of 400 bucks for both with cases, and take them home with me. She was like more then happy to let them go!!!!!!!

So that’s how it happened. I bought them and brought them home. Later that night I got a call from one of the other people who worked there, saying he knew where the mixer was, and asked if I wanted him to drop it off to me. So then I had a nice little Rane mixer!!

After that it was ballgame.

I started collecting records. Spending hours and hours in record stores going through all these albums, listening to every single one, picking out the ones I liked best (not really thinking about what worked with what, I didn’t care, I’d make it work).

Now I couldn’t really play at home (I lived with my dad at the time) and did my best to stay away when dad was drunk (which was always) so I would pack everything up in a shopping cart/dolly and head downtown, to the community center where I got them from, and set them up on the big PA there.

I would come in around 1am and literally do nothing but play till 7am (they open at 9) like almost every night!!

Over time I would start playing outside in the back. Never announcing a party. You just had to follow the music to know where it was at. That’s where I started to make my presence as a party rocker.

Now of course I don’t have to sneak out or run away to practice. I do it at my apartment :3

That’s the dorky little story of how I got my turntables :) Prolly not the most exciting read, kinda like all mixed up in my head so it’s hard to concentrate, but I did my best!

Thanks for reading! I hope you liked it!

Biggest moment of my life so far in hip hop 2014 fore father of hip hop culture. Studying, compiling, visualising, the anticipation is incredible 12 hours from now!!! Rigged and ready and extremely hype he wants to work with me. Born in 1980 when The Furious Five dropped their first record ever. The singles The Message Its Nasty and Scorpio!!! Shouts to all the pioneers who had my back with research I put in 2 full nights. Super large respects to Fortune Sound Club and team along with The OG’s Gman and Rizk. Bronx Nyc all day. #sugarhill #grandmasterflash #legendaryhiphopdjs #dreamsarerealities #thearchivest #hiphophistory #peaceloveunityandhavingfun #clockwork #backspin #turntablisim #lifetimeachievements #canada #vancouver #knowshow


Vex One, Doc Star and Guest Dj Stand from Japan — Session on Saphir FM

I actually got out. It took about lets see. They belled at 3pm. I left at 7.. So yeah, it took a bit for me to get myself going but I got up and went out regardless. 

Well worth. They had plenty of beer for them, so I got plenty of Mt.Dew for me, and some get back on that Redbull. Fuck it. I’ll have a Redbull.

Check Tha Technique 


Jive Davis and the Automatic Champion of Jus Us League @ a sick b-boy battle (Left to Right)

Some next behind the back steez

Check Tha Technique 

What is it for benefit of djing? With so many have some delusional super star idea? No, is making friends, the good foods you together can eat, the things to talk about, the storys, the adventures, all the wonderful people you play music for and get to meet.

The real lifestyle. I think is much more appealing then some unrealistic idea of how it actually is. It’s much more fun, and the people are much cooler.


Practicing for a battle that’s coming up tomorrow. Sorry the audio isint the best. I recorded with the cell phone video camera. My only other ways of recording is my VHS Camcorder and Tape Machines haha! So if I want it online this is what I have to do.

I consider myself one of the lucky ones. Finding your style can take years. Even 10 years for some to truly find a unique style. I consider myself lucky as I was totally self-taught, so I literally stumbled on something I really liked the sound of.

That’s why I don’t ask people to show me stuff. Then it wouldn’t be my own style truly.