In Ferguson Missouri 54 percent of the Black population, and 55 percent of the White population, showed up at the poles to vote in 2012’s general election. Contrast that with only a 6 percent Black voter turnout (versus 17 percent White voter turnout) for the local school board, city council and mayoral elections…why the significant difference?

Ferguson, unlike many cities, does not hold it’s municipal elections on the same day in November as the general elections. While not unique, that, by design, yields decidedly lopsided results. Ferguson’s important local elections are held on odd numbered years in April. That scheduling tactic is a virtual guarantee for lower voter turnout, which favors Republicans.

Ferguson also holds nonpartisan elections, where party labels do not appear on the ballot, and that has been shown to reduce both what citizens know about candidates as well as their likelihood of voting. And the consequences are worse for residents with less education and less income.
—  Why are Ferguson’s police, school board members and elected officials overwhelmingly White when the city itself is two-thirds Black? QTNA
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good times in the moonlight


An ‘easy’ recovery 7 miles on trails on a sunny muggy afternoon.  Legs were a little tight after last night’s 5k under the moon (see below).  Will take it easy tomorrow because…have a 10k on Saturday.  I’m a glutton for punishment, but this will be good for a Half that it looks more and more like I’ll do in the fall.  And this 10k, a decent local race of over 1000, is one of the races my club is targeting, so it’ll be free entry for members (free is good) and will be a fun gathering at post-race.

wednesday: The Moonlight Run 5K

Got to the race a little too close to start time, it was muggy, and felt a little tight from a day at work, but it was night time, and I’m a night person, so was still eager to race.  It was a great turnout, it looked close to a couple of thousand, and great energy in the air in the center of this Buffalo suburb.  

At the start a few took off, I followed in the uphill first mile in 5:22.  The pace started to slow, and as I was looking for a PR, took off into a slightly downhill 2nd mile and hit it in 10:35.  Was feeling good at this point but running alone, trailing only the lead police motorcycle.  

The 3rd mile was rolling hills, and I felt pretty good after the 2 mile split, but I must’ve slowed down as I saw the clock in the 16:40’s as I crossed the line, 16:45.7 officially.  Mildly disappointed at missing my PR of 16:29, but a really nice winner’s trophy and a great post-race party with a great band under a beautiful moon and summer sky made for a wonderful night!

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Okay, earlier today, in a depressed ragdoll gesture, I asked if anyone might be interested in commissions. Not much of a turnout for these kinds of questions usually. But then something else happened. Some of you put the word out more than you had to and… this is the most notes I’ve had blowing up my tumblr in quite some time. A bunch of new followers flooded in. That’s some fucking helpful signalboosting right there guys, seriously. Turning a bad day into a good one like that is alchemy. Words. I lack them. 

I’ll probably end up doing a request/sketch-commission stream soon enough. And oh gosh. Speaking of. I gotta update my commission info. Because I have no frame of reference for anything and. Um. Um. BRB

On Sunday the Rev. Al Sharpton, the civil rights activist and television host, mentioned that voter turnout in the Ferguson, Mo., area was a mere 12 percent in the last election, and pledged to help boost that number with a registration drive. Twelve percent, he said, was “an insult to your children.” He wasn’t the first to think of channeling the anger over Mike Brown’s death in this particular direction. Twitter users on Saturday noted voter registration tables in front of the makeshift memorial where the unarmed teenager was shot by a police officer.

Encouraging more participation in the democratic process in a community that feels alienated from political power - hence the demonstrations - seems like an obviously good idea; and one that’s particularly compelling because it’s so simple. Voting is an alternative to protesting in the streets.

And yet, the executive director of the Missouri Republican Party, Matt Wills, denounced the plan.

Mr. Wills told the right-wing website Breitbart: “If that’s not fanning the political flames, I don’t know what is. I think it’s not only disgusting but completely inappropriate.”

On another right-wing site, Red State, Dan McLaughlin also argued that there was something indecent about the registration drive. Ferguson presents an opportunity for “Right and Left” to find “common ground,” he wrote. But “the minute you turn your energies into just another effort to register Democratic voters and fire up the Democratic base in advance of an election,” he argued, “the harder you make it to keep the common ground from vanishing in the fog.”

Who said anything about “register[ing] Democratic voters”?

"Voter registration for #Ferguson residents is at the QT & the crime scene. SIGN UP. Get on the juries, choose your leaders," tweeted attorney and activist @ReignOfApril. "Voter Registration is a brilliant way to honor #MichaelBrown’s memory. It’s a positive reaction to horrible situation," wrote @Koursey in reply.

While the city of Ferguson is two-thirds African-American, the vast majority of their police force and almost all local elected officials are not.

"Though whites make up just 29% of the city’s residents," reports MSNBC’s Zachary Roth, "five of Ferguson’s six city council members are white, as is Mayor James Knowles. And six of the local school board’s seven members are white."

"We warned people about these kinds of things," John Gaskin of the Missouri NAACP told Roth. "Who hires the police officers? The police chief. Who hires the police chief? The mayor. Who hires the mayor? Who elects the council folks?"

As the Times’ Lapidos goes on to note, “Mr. Sharpton did not say that the residents of Ferguson should vote for Democrats; he said they should vote, full stop.” She adds: “Isn’t it telling that both Mr. Wills and Mr. McLaughlin make no distinction between voter registration and Democratic registration?”

For the record, Ferguson’s local elections are nonpartisan.

* * *

(Separately, kudos to the Times’ Lapidos for describing those two websites for what they are, “right-wing”, rather than usual “conservative”. It must not have been easy to get that past the Times’ editors, even though it’s completely accurate. Or maybe the paper has changed their previously unhelpful style rules under their new Executive Editor Dean Baquet, along with this one. Either way, truth in reporting there is accurate, a great change of pace and far more helpful to the electorate.)


First off, I’d like to thank everyone involved with this project; it wouldn’t have been possible without every single last one of the people involved. Everyone had a vital role in the process. From the conception of the idea to the release party; Cocaina has been a true journey. On July 20th, Ego Leather Goods and I released our collaborative project, Cocaina. Cocaina started off as just an iPhone 5 case (and that’s what will be available for Pre-Orders on Aug. 22nd), but I’m glad to announce that Cocaina will be an entire collection of small leather accessories; you’ll get the details on that soon enough though, back to the release party. July 20th was also my 21st birthday, so the release was a beautiful way to bring that in.Live Inspired Mag was in the building with the video coverage and my homie Gill got the super ill pictures from the event; Reg, Founder of Ego Leather Goods, also got some dope pictures. We had a great turnout; friends and supporters all in the building showing love. Special shoutout to Estate for letting me use the boutique for my event too; day one homie.

Live Inspired Magazine’s coverage of the release party


The Cocaina Ad Campaign (Directed by Me)

King Phill & Ego Leather Goods Present Cocaina from King Phill on Vimeo.