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So… I finally bit the bullet and started a Patreon page. It is something that I have been considering for a long while. And after the not so great turnout at MCM, I have had to admit that I need a little help.


That is good news for you, Beverage Beasts! As a patron of Beastly Beverages you get exclusive content, samples of brand new teas before they hit the shop, a tea just for patrons! And lots of other fun stuff like exclusive prints, stickers and pin badges!

Watch Elizabeth Warren Call For A Revolt Against Corrupt Politicians: 'We're Mad As Hell'

Watch Elizabeth Warren Call For A Revolt Against Corrupt Politicians: ‘We’re Mad As Hell’

Speaking at the Re/code conference on Tuesday night, Senator Elizabeth Warren told voters that the only way Washington is going to change is if we stand up and force them to change. During a question and answer portion of her speech, an audience member asked Warren how voters are supposed to believe any politician who claims they want to rebuild the country’s infrastructure or implement other…

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okay i’m terribly sorry but i do have to go into work early because i apparently can’t remember how to feed myself and need actual nutrition before i collapse

i just wanted to say that ya’ll are wonderful and beautiful and i am truly honored that you guys are willing to spend valuable time and attention throwing crackships involving my OC in the askbox because i’ve never had any of my projects have this kind of turnout and it’s frankly mind-blowing that people seem to like what i have to offer

actually, the sheer volume of positive messages we’ve got sitting in there that i’m genuinely too happy about to answer because then they will be gone is just… amazing. but we got every one and we read every one and we love every one holy crap

you guys are really great. i’m so glad that i can provide you with a little entertainment, and i’m so grateful for all the kind words we’ve gotten about this blog in general

i just hope that we can continue living up to your expectations, once we’ve got pearl back officially!! have a great day, everyone!


Political Reform in the UK

As the recent UK election has shown, something is very wrong. How is it fair the Conservatives received 36.9% of votes but have 50.9% of the seats? How is it fair the Lib Dems, Green and UKIP received 24.3% of the votes between them but only have 1.6% of the seats?

First Past The Post needs to go and needs to be replaced with a more proportional system, such as Single Transferrable Vote.

With a voter turnout of just over 66% (of registered voters), something also needs to be done to get people to vote. Under a fairer system, people will probably be more likely to use their vote but more would need to be done than that. Other countries such as Australia have mandatory voting with a small fine if you don’t, and honestly I don’t see how that could be a bad idea. If you register to vote, you should use your vote. Especially when it’s incredibly easy to register for a postal vote, so you don’t even have the excuse of not having time to go to a physical polling station, etc.

The topic of lowering the voting age has also come up in recent months, given the Scottish Independence referendum had a minimum voting age of 16. I’ve seen many politicians criticise this and try to claim teenagers aren’t interested in voting, etc. Many teenagers ARE interested in voting, and the ones who aren’t simply won’t use their vote so nothing changes there. Personally, I think the voting age should be lowered to 16 and politics should be part of the national curriculum. I’m sure there any many people out there who may think “well I can’t vote yet, so I’ll just research stuff when I can” and then when they are old enough find themselves struggling to decide who to vote for, etc. Given how important voting and politics is, it should be taught in schools.