So..I finally decided it's time.

I deactivated all my accounts except for Tumblr..because honestly I can’t live w/o Tumblr..
I’m so sick of everyone and everything..and I only want positive influences in my life..and I just need some alone time..
I need to be away from all my so called friends.
I’m the source of all my misery so I need to get my shit together once and for all.
and for that to happen..I don’t need outside influences distracting the fuck out of me.
So yeah..
no more facebook.
no more insta..
just tumblr.
and maybe some skype but, honestly..people don’t give a shit about skype anymore since face time was invented so
But yeah..

So’s to a new month. a new start..and hopefully..a good one.
I’m soo done and tired of fucking up.
I want to prove to myself and to my family I can stay sober and stay dedicated to something other than drug use.
I need this..
because if not now, when? will I ever be okay? ..I need this to happen..because my pathetic existence depends upon it.

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