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Brought the Pax 2 with me to Australia for some herb vaping while on the go. Vape World hooked me up with this model to replace the Pax I’ve had for a couple years now, and after finally figuring out how to turn the Pax 2 on, I can definitely say it’s vaping smoothly and working like a champ.

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While being left without magic, Wright works in a muggle bakery.

ok what do we have now

1. wright turned into a birb and flew away

2. wright turned into some depressed shit and stayed at school

3. wright went lawyering

4. wright went baking

5. was there anything else i honestly can’t remember?

choose your path………………………………

#TransphormationTuesday 👊🏼 Time lapse from the beginning to now. 2 years of commitment. Sure I had hard times too. Days I didnt feel like going to the gym & days I just wanted to eat junk food & lay in bed. But I knew that feeling would pass & that it was important to stay on track for when it did pass. Holding strong on those hard days makes all the difference! Don’t let your hard work slip away over a bad day. Stick it out! Because the thing with giving into bad days is they always turn into 2, then starts the “Ill start back Monday"and 9 outta 10 times that never happens. Hold strong & dont give up! 💪🏼👊🏼😘💛 by jenna_fail http://ift.tt/1ck8MDS


This is like my first original post on here tbh But like I’m turning 18 in like 2 months I grew up in new York and I’ve moved quite a bit since then I’m Dominican and Spanish was my first language Im pansexual and basically I questioned myself my entire life, I always wanted to make everyone around me happy but I never focused on myself. Now I’m trying to make myself happy. Idk what else to say..


So yeah, since my blog just turned 2, I decided to make a follow forever!
And also, to thank those 1k80 beautiful person who decided to follow my blog!  (*◕ᴗ◕*)

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picnics are the dreamiest and most fun u can have and are the best date idea i will fight anyone who says otherwise. so aesthetically pleasing n think abt how many cool places u can hav a picnic - literally Anywhere In The World a billion different views and even if yr date turns out 2 be boring there is food and places to adventure!!!! whereas what do u see at aquariums? fckin fish every goddamn time