I should not need references for this lab report because all of the information is provided in the lab protocols and the professor isn’t being clear on what she wants us to reference so I’m making the call right now, unless I find a way to cite the lab protocols as a source she’s getting one reference that I was lucky to find and she can deal with it

I should find a way to cite the protocols just out of spite at this point

Meta Learning Mythology: The Tricksters, Coyote and Raven

So while I have spoke at length about Ravens in regards to Parrish, I think its about time I explore the mythology behind trickster figures, gods, archetypes, etc so that we can become more informed about ideas going on within the show itself.  So this is going to be a meta learning post to help us inform our own thoughts and theories.

Basically this will be a collection of sources from different sites meant to teach and expand our knowledge.  So without further ado let us begin. 


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Here are most of the sprites I made for Alternian Turnabout: Aradia Megido
(Based off these sprites, seen in the comic.) I wasn’t going to post these until the game was out, but I might as well.

Oh well These are the first actual sprites I’ve ever made, and they were both fun and challenging to make, I’m very happy with the results.

I hope you enjoy them


Turnabout Pirates

Lena held Rosalie’s hand tightly as they stayed below deck.  The sickening sounds of bodies hitting the upper deck made her sick with fear and frustration.  Half of her wanted to go up and take a sword to them herself.  The other half wanted to shut her eyes and open them again in her bedroom in France, this having all been a frightful nightmare.

Suddenly there was the shot of a pistol, and sudden silence.  Another thud of a body.  Then the cry of triumph.  Some part of her recognized it was not sailors.

There were feet against the stairs and she tightened the cloak around them.  But it was altogether ripped off.  Helene looked up and connected with two of the darkest eyes she’d ever seen.

From above deck a voice called down, “What’s down there, brother?”