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Turkish Dagger of Unusual Form

Dating: XIX Sec.

Description: Curved blade on a rope and controfilo, machined in one piece with pommel round ears and grip pads; wooden scabbard covered with reptile skin and silver mounts, the hood with belt clip.

Length 26.5 cm.

Estimate: 400.00 € | € 600.00 May 2015

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Kemarin, Ahad, 17 Mei 2015, di Maltepe Meydanı, İstanbul, Türkiye. Katanya sih sampai 2 juta orang yang hadir dalam kampanye AK Parti–yang juga dihadiri oleh Ahmet Davutoğlu, PM Turki saat ini. Ini foto bukan editan. Kalau di İndonesia, ada ga ya partai yang bisa kayak gini??? Hebat euy! Ayo semangat membangun negeri!

Galata Tower - Istanbul, Turkey

This is Galata Tower.  There’s something about it that draws me - maybe because there aren’t a lot of towers where I’m from.  It’s an icon of the Istanbul skyline and is one of the best places in Istanbul to look out and see the vastness of Istanbul.  The cost to go up in the tower is around $12 (as of May 2015) - there’s an elevator that take you up most of the way and then there are 2 or 3 flights of a spiral staircase to climb.  Definitely worth the cost and climb for the view!

If you have the time, make sure to explore the streets around Galata Tower for this street view and some interesting shops, cafes and graffiti.