Belirli bir yol arayan kişi için en büyük tehlike, o yolu bir yerde durarak, ‘bakarak’ arayabileceğini ( hatta bulabileceğini ) sanmasıdır; çünkü yollar bulunmaz: yürünür.

Yerlerde ise, olsa olsa, durulur: onlar, bulunur, artık, yürünmez.

( Oruç Aruoba, Yürüme, 1992 )






[ Ankara, Kızılcahamam, Soğuksu Milli Parkı, 05.10.2014 ]

Black Mike is back, and as no one can toot his horn better than him, I’ll let him take it away:

"Ladies and gentlemen, he’s back after months away from home. Black Mike returns with the Black Mike Snow Day Surprise.

What better to do on a day that work is closed than make a monster sammich and drink some afternoon beers?Starting with Wegman’s dry rub BBQ turkey breast, we add: jalapeño pepper jack cheese, extra sharp cheddar cheese (only one type of cheese is for rookies), onion, pepperoncini, hot & spicy dill chips, super greens mix (kale, spinach, chard), black pepper, oregano, spicy mustard, a hint of Sweet Baby Rays to enhance the dry rub, allllll on top of a fresh onion bagel. Black Mike might need a cigarette after this one. Whew.”

Now that’s an enthusiastic sandwich. I might need a cigarette, too.

Dutch fans were really in to the Euro 2016 qualifie...zzzzz

Huh? What?

The Euro 2016 qualifier between the Netherlands and Turkey was billed as a bit of a bruiser.

It didn’t quite live up to those expectations.

In fact, for Dutch fans hoping to see some show of strength, the game was a disappointment.

Some might even say a snooze fest.

The game didn’t get much better for the Oranje until the last few minutes of stoppage time when Holland were able to tie things up for a 1-1 result. Those fans left the park early might be regretting it.