Signs You May Need Glasses
  • you mistake your best friend for and enemy and KILL HIM because ‘it was dark’
  • you cannot recognize your OWN SISTER and proceed to accidentally MARRY HER
  • you are gravely injured by a dragon AFTER you have already incapacitated it

‘and so as if blind, he stumbled through life‘ my ass Túrin Turambar was far more than just figuratively visually impaired

Honestly, what’s wrong with people? Yes, we got Juventus. So what? No need for y'all to get cocky. If there’s one important rule in football it’s: Never EVER underestimate your opponent. And even less so, on the biggest stage of club football. Every team deserves our respect and we’ll have to face both games against them with a lot of humility and motivation in order to be able to play the final in Berlin and fight for La Undécima. Calma.