He was dark-haired as his mother, and promised to be like her in mood also; for he was not merry, and spoke little, though he learned to speak early and ever seemed older than his years. Túrin was slow to forget injustice or mockery; but the fire of his father was also in him, and he could be sudden and fierce. Yet he was quick to pity, and the hurts or sadness of living things might move him to tears.


Beleg for princessofhaumea.

Left to right: Mablung, Beleg, Turin, Nienor. 

I actually really like Mablung because he literally spends the entire time facepalming at humans never sitting tight in nice secure hidden kingdoms and avoiding the attention of dark lords like good sindar elves would.

Also to the anon who asked, all my colouring is done on the computer in photoshop.