'The Blind Side' woman does something racist, gets retweeted by white people

Leigh Anne “That Nice Woman Sandra Bullock Played In The Blind Side” Tuohy recently posted the following picture and caption on her Facebook and Instagram accounts. “We see what we want! It’s the gospel truth! These two were literally huddled over in a corner…

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The chair that kick-started my brain and opened my eyes.

Going to the library with intrepidheroine is always a treat in and of itself: She is a total spaz, in the best possible way, about libraries.  Usually asking, “Hey, do you mind if we swing by the library on the way home?” is responded with, “you have to ask?”  Our area is blessed with a pretty kick-ass library that is becoming cooler by the minute as it is undergoing a major renovation.  

While IH’s eyes were massive about the shiny new shelves, signage and overall layout of books within the New Materials section, my design-eyes went instantly to the lounge spaces where one can sit and read said New Materials.  It was here I saw this chair: 

(In the interest of full disclosure, the area with this upholstery aren’t actually in the New Materials section, but are just outside of the DVD/Blu Ray area.) 

What caught my eye and made these chairs unique to anything else that has happened upon my contract furniture search, was the arm/seat cushion connection.  Combined with this particular fabric, it really has an awesome Tetris-like appearance, doesn’t it?

I spent a couple of hours on Google that evening, trying to find the manufacturer, to no avail.  There were plenty of boxy lounge chairs, but none with the particular arm feature. 

I DID, however, find the GC and Design Firm working on the library project.  One quick email to Product Architecture and Design asking about the seating, and praising their renovation, finally led me to the this: Tuohy Salone Club Chair. I didn’t verify this, but I believe the fabric shown here is Maharam Couple.  List price for this chair starts at 2039$ with a COM (According to Tuohy Furniture site). 

Since this chair, and the subsequent Google search, my eyes have opened wide with regard to the furniture world around me.  I have been snapping photos in the most normal (and sometimes strange!) places just simply trying to answer a simple question: Who makes that?

It’s a whole new side of design that I would like to explore further, and I hope that this tumblr becomes a place for me to catalog those findings - sometimes it will just be an uploaded picture with the hopes someone else out there knows who makes it and where I can find it! 


#80 WR - Chris Tuohy

Life Goal of Mine

To be wealthy enough to help someone like the Tuohy family helped Michael Oher from The Blind Side.

Erja Lyytinen: 2015 ~ Tour Dates & New Album

Erja Lyytinen: 2015 ~ Tour Dates & New Album

Tuohi Records is pleased to announce the UK release of Live In London, the highly anticipated new album from Finnish blues guitarist and singer-songwriter, Erja Lyytinen.

The album will be released on CD and digital download in the UK on Monday 8th June 2015. The CD edition will also include a bonus DVD disc featuring the 100 Club concert filmed in its entirety. On October 7th 2014, Erja Lyytinen…

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Erja Lyytinen releases Live In London June 8, and announces October UK tour.

Erja Lyytinen releases Live In London June 8, and announces October UK tour.

Critically acclaimed Finnish blues guitarist and vocalist Erja Lyytinen is pleased to announce the UK release of her new live album Live In London, via Tuohi Records on June 8th. Live in London is the follow up to her 2014 album, The Sky is Falling, which is a tribute to the legendary blues artist Elmore James.

On October 7th 2014, Erja Lyytinen rolled into London’s iconic venue the 100 Clubfor…

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Woodfire Grill announces it will close next month

April 23, 2015 at 05:41PM
source: Dan Whisenhunt, http://ift.tt/1aWaLMX

Woodfire Grill. Source: http://ift.tt/1aWaObM

Woodfire Grill, the restaurant that rose to national prominence under former head chef Kevin Gillespie, will be closing next month.

Owner Nicolas Quinones announced on the company’s Facebook page that the restaurant’s last day in business will be May 20. The restaurant opened in 2002.

Quinones bought the restaurant when Gillespie’s mentor, former owner Michael Tuohy, moved to California. Gillespie became Executive Chef, but the business struggled. Gillespie’s appearance on celebrity cooking show “Top Chef” in 2009 turned the restaurant’s fortunes around, leading to months-long waiting lists.

In 2013,  Gillespie left to open Gunshow Atlanta’s Glenwood Park neighborhood in 2013. This summer he will open a new restaurant in Decatur called Revival.

Quinones said things have slowed down at the restaurant in recent years.

“My motivation to prepare wholesome food raised ethically and to serve it with love is resolute, and non negotiable,” he wrote. “Sadly, for the last two years, revenues have decreased and no longer support the elevated service and cuisine that I am altogether committed to. My sustainable restaurant is no longer sustainable.”

He thanked the restaurant’s staff and his guests, inviting them in for one last meal.

“Come on in for dinner,” Quinones wrote. “There is a pretty good list of wines that I’d like to get into.”

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