Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 2 June 2015

In today’s Brief: Rohingya name row; ISIS summit; pride perseveres in South Korea; judicial reform in Tunisia; Rana Plaza murder charges; jailed for adultery in Morocco; Habre trial - a pivotal moment for pan-Africa justice; China’s NGO law spells disaster; and a victory for the hijab in the US.

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The Métlaoui Secondary School in Métlaoui, Tunisia by Tijiani Ellouze [1980]. It was commissioned to provide education for 1,200 students. Simple geometrical forms were chosen to facilitate the identification of each structure’s function. The school is organized around a triangular court with six blocks, containing 38 classroom on the southwest side and are connected by a gymnasium to six workshops and annexes on the northern side of the campus. All of the buildings are rectangular in plan and both the classrooms and workshops are arranged in a stepped layout, creating a more dynamic composition against the desert landscape. This composition is accentuated by the varied textures of exposed concrete and brick infill.