Please pray for Tunisia.

My country has been attacked by terrorists.
Two men armed with Kalashnikov attacked the Bardo Museum this morning. I don’t know about the exact number but there is people hurt and people who died. Please pray for them and their family. Please pray for Tunisia. Today more than ever we need you.


When Charlie Hebdo attack happened the whole world was shouting in union ” I am Charlie” including me.
Today, a terrible terrorist attack occured in The Bardo Museum of Tunis. This museum is one of the biggests tourist attractions in my country Tunisia. And today, tunisians and many tourists were visiting it to see its beauty and amazing mosaic tiles. They found themselves facing guns and bullets.
17 tourists and two Tunisians were killed. This attack has made all Tunisians hopless. Tourism is our economy. Without economy Tunisia doesn’t exist.
In Charlie Hebdo, they killed freedom of expression. In Bardo, they killed culture.
Stand up for Tunisia just as you stood up for France.
#JesuisBardo #IamBardo


Five of the six original Star Wars movies were filmed in Tunisia. Much of the set was inspired by traditional Amazigh architecture and the costumes by their traditional clothing. In fact, the planet of Tatooine was named after the southern Tunisian town of Tataouine! The original set is now a huge tourist attraction for Star Wars fans across the world! It’s too bad that the new Star Wars film is being made in Abu Dhabi :(