Happy Anniversary Disney Store! I got my first pair of Mickey ears as a gift with purchase this morning. Appropriate that it says Disney Store for me since I spend most of my money there. But I did pick up something for the 300 Followers raffle. Tune in tomorrow to see.


Just your typical Minho-initiated unnecessary Onho physical contact. 


“Early in the show, we get a joyous song. In a later act, sadder and wiser, those same lyrics or melody are ironic and sad. Sometimes the reprise alters the original lyrics; sometimes they are the same, only sung more slowly and mournfully. In the case of a theme’s reprise, the piece may have no lyrics at all. The “dark” part may even be literal, with the reprise using dimmer lighting.”

-TV Tropes, Dark Reprise

The Amnesia lyric video is probably one of my favourite things in existence


[stock image of finals stress]: a musicals mix that appropriately sums up the drama and desperation and eventually resignation of finals week. [listen]

1. deliver us | the prince of egypt 2. totally fucked | spring awakening 3. school song | matilda 4. learn to do it | anastasia 5. on the right track | pippin 6. all i ever wanted | the prince of egypt 7. i can go the distance | hercules 8. dancing through life | wicked


MANILA 03/22 - mad guitar skills, horan