Will Oisín finally reach that 800 follower milestone he’s been dreaming of ever since he noticed it this afternoon? Will the knowledge that a certain number of (relative) strangers are interested in his take on the world and everything in it give him the get-up-and-go to keep on living? Will he ever get himself a shave, freeing his chin from its scraggy imprisonment and return it to flabby, fatty freedom?

"Tune in tomorrow to find out! Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!"


[stock image of finals stress]: a musicals mix that appropriately sums up the drama and desperation and eventually resignation of finals week. [listen]

1. deliver us | the prince of egypt 2. totally fucked | spring awakening 3. school song | matilda 4. learn to do it | anastasia 5. on the right track | pippin 6. all i ever wanted | the prince of egypt 7. i can go the distance | hercules 8. dancing through life | wicked

    I N T O  T H E  L Y O N S  D E N  ;
    a Lyon Family mix

Songs to bank an empire upon, with reigns crafted from rhythm and rhyme. For allegiances built on that platinum family stone and the alleged body count buried along the way. For the sins of excess and expectations irrevocably bound in love. For all those flashing lights, the grind behind the glamour, and leaving what’s left of your soul on the tracks.

oo1. empire (creep remix)– alpines oo2. ecstasy of gold– ennio morricone vs.nas oo3. trophies– young money feat. drake oo4. puppets– atmosphere oo5. paperbond– wiz khalifa oo6. earned it– the weeknd oo7. my favorite things– outkast oo8. got it (kill it with colour remix)– marian hill oo9. change is coming– heiruspecs feat. dessa and new mc of kanser o1o. one way– naughty boy feat. mic righteous & maiday o11. not giving in (phaeleh remix)– rudimental feat. john newman & alex clare o12. power vs bad wings– kanye west & the glitch mob o13. battle royale– apashe feat. panther o14. gold– sir sly o15. run this town/posthumus zone (medley)– jay-z, rihanna, & e.s. posthumus

    { L I S T E N }  ;  { E M P I R E  M U S I C }