Ya Allah, buatlah aku rela dengan segala ketetapan Mu sehingga aku tidak suka minta dipercepat apa yang Kau tunda dan tidak suka minta ditunda apa yang Kau percepat..
—  Umar bin Abdul Azis. Salah satu doa favorit yang sejak dulu cepat membuat hati gembira :3
Vivillon Trades!

Just finished raising 15 Vivillon from Scatterbugs I caught.

I now have 15 Polar Vivillon just for trading purposes.

I am looking to get Vivillon of ALL sorts, and already have a friend providing me with a Modern one!

Here is an image of the various Vivillon!

My friend code is 4012 3970 3255! Let me know yours and what Vivillon you can provide me (also let me know your name)! Going to start trading some tonight, I hope (now that I am not so busy studying)!

Once again, only interested in Vivillon that are NOT Modern or Polar.

Also, as a small request, if you do give me one, I prefer nicknames. If there is no nickname, that is fine, but I just love nicknames. All of mine are named after plants. uwu

La Tunda

okay so i was reading some Colombian legends and i came across one that made me crack up

Alright so this legend came from the Afro-Colombians and it is said that this lady La Tunda (the hideous woman on the picture) can shape shift into any person you know,  who is most likely your loved one and lures you into a jungle. Once you’re there she feeds you shrimps that she literally farts on and they’re hypnotize them into a stupor so she can do whatever she wants with you such as sucking your blood or devour you. God bless Colombia


SZA - Teen Spirit (Chopped + Screwed by Sir CRKS) (by ModernLifeMagTV)

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