based on http://www.earwolf.com/shows/
  1. Affirmation Nation with Bob Ducca: Bob’s All-Natural Therapeutic Cuticle Cream With Lanolin and Shea Butter for sensitive skin.
  2. Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast: Comedy Bling Bling (Gold w/silver glitter)
  3. Eardrop: Eardrops (quick-dry topcoat)
  4. Earwolf Challenge: Don’t Mess with the Besser (Razorback Red)
  5. Earwolf Presents: An opaque bottle with a random sample color inside.
  6. Gelmania: Gel-mania (assorted colors for fancy gel manicures)
  7. Glitter in the Garbage - this is already a perfect polish name. (Oscar the grouch green with rainbow sparkles)
  8. How Did This Get Made: Ridiculous Glaze (a topcoat you put on to make the base color brighter)
  9. Improv4Humans: Snappy Besser (Jets green)
  10. Mike Detective: Tawny Nacho (the color tawny)
  11. Professor Blastoff: Professor Blast Off-white
  12. Ronna & Beverly: You’ll Do A Little Redder Next Time (dark red)
  13. Sklarbro Country: Twin-pak of Sklarbro Blues and Sklardinal Red (Metal flake royal blue, metal flake cherry red)
  14. The Apple Sisters: Appletini Sisters (granny smith apple green)
  15. Totally Laime: Totally Lime
  16. Who Charted: Summah Plum (a nice purple color, activated by the sun!)
  17. The Wolf Den: The Wolf Denim (indigo blue)
  18. BONUS: Harris’s Foam Corner - a translucent, fine-glittered top coat to add an interesting effect to any base color.

this is the last one for the night. I will do the rest tomorrow.

LadyCallie: The Good Ship Lady Callie is a hot coral color sure to bewitch all who wear it with style.

Kisu: I Wanna Kisu All Over is a darling shade of cherry blossom pink that looks great on all skin tones.

Ectoplasmicorgasmic: Show that you’re not afraid of no ghosts with He Slimed Me!, a sheer neon green that looks liquid-y even when dry.

Justspeakeasy: Speakeasy Lemon Squeezy is a dark yellow with a subtle glimmer that is at home on the beach or in the corridors of power.

these were the last four in my ask box, I have one more that I got via e-mail.

You can read all my Nail Polish Naming Institute posts here.

jenherself asked:


Whether you love breakfast foods, internet memes, or both, Peanut Butter Jenna Time is the polish for you!  A shiny purple jelly polish with subtle gold flakes, you will be tickled by its pleasant grape scent.  Also for a limited time, don’t miss Come Along Bronze, what all the companions will be wearing this year.  

A double tumblrpolish post.


An ethereal shade, Wayward Opal is a sheer lilac with rainbow glitters in it.  Looks great on its own or layered over another color.


Magnus and the Magenta takes advantage of the hot new magnetic technology in polishes.  The base is an edgy, bright pink and then you drag the included magnet over to create a pattern in black.  

jonahryan asked:

I've always dreamt of having my own namesake nail polish.

My first idea was a pale yellow called “When Life Gives Liz Lemons” because of your documented dislike for that joke >_< but what about…

Lizantine Empire - it’s like a crackle topcoat but instead it makes your polish look mosaic-y like Byzantine art.  Because you’re smart and you like history.

(Also holy cow I got so many responses! Thanks everyone, it will give me something to do between work and band :)

fivebyfiving ha dicho would love a nail polish too!

Quick, pick up this shade before your starlet doppelganger steals it!  Don’t Touch That Violet is a shimmering amethyst that is easy to apply even while one eye is watching All The TV.  Fix any mistakes in your manicure with Oopa Doopa UFF-DA! top coat.  

@jbigley : Can I get one?

Twenty Six Point Tootsies is the world’s first polish specially formulated for the needs of the long-distance runner.  Get a pedicure with any one of our stunning shades such as Bee-bay Blue, Sushi Salmon, Grading Pen Green, or Paw Pad Pink.  Keep your toenails looking great AND on your toes where they belong.